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Awesome / Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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  • The opening alone is almost worth the price of admission.
  • The first "battle" on the Midnight Stage: All three Persona Users present are not only incapacitated through the effects of the Eerie Song, but also have to find that combat is impossible on the Midnight Stage, and the situation grows more and more hopeless. All seems lost for our heroes, when Rise suddenly drops her Smartphone... Which promptly starts playing "Time To Make History", the Main Battle Theme of Persona 4 Golden. Everything goes very fast then, the enemy quickly takes Naoto - who begins figuring out how to use that song to defeat the enemy - out of commission via brainwashing ribbons, Rise can still barely move but fights and Yu puts on his Battle Face... And starts dancing. It's probably the most dramatic, epic way to begin a Level 1 stage in a Dancing Game ever seen.
    • A special note regarding that part with Naoto. Once more, she's able to use just a handful of facts, in the span of seconds, to figure out what's going on, and how to stop the Big Bad. Even when the opposition tries to immediately try to take her out, not ten seconds after she arrived: They're seven seconds too late.
  • Ochimizu pushing Kanami out of the way of the Midnight Stage ribbons.
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  • Dojima swiftly saving Kanami from a crazed, homicidal fan.
    "I took vacation days to come here. I don't have time for this crap."
  • Late in the game Ochimizu calls out the Big Bad with a quite impressive speech while... striking an Ace Attorney pose. It's as epic as it is hilarious.
  • Four words: Kanji Tatsumi break dancing.
  • Inoue getting the consent of Takura Productions executives so that he can go to the police after he presented evidence that the Investigation Team was missing alongside most of the Kanamin Kitchen idols.
  • The Final Boss battle. Where do we even begin? The incredible remix of "Reach Out for the Truth", the entire Investigation Team with Kanami dancing together, or Izanagi-no-Okami's bitching guitar and bass solo at the end?
    • Special mention must be made of how Rise got the team to that point by transforming Himiko into a giant, floating stage capable of travelling dimensions with the help of Kanamin Kitchen.
  • Kanami's fans cheering for her and letting her break out of the yellow ribbons.
    • Even before that: Kanami is tied up by the ribbons on the stage while "Shadow Kanami" is breaking her with words. Who steps between them to protect Kanami? Nanako! This is summed up with just three words:
      Nanako: "You're not Kanamin!"


  • Atlus USA posted this video of their employees dancing to celebrate the game's promotion at E3's 2015 convention.
  • The Persona character designer did artwork for B Who I Want To B, a song by Namie Amuro featuring Hatsune Miku. When the creators of Persona and Project Diva collaborated for the first time, He brought back the Hatsune Miku costume for her to make a cameo. It's also been added, as P4: Dancing All Night (P4D) Miku to the Project Diva games.
  • With the Persona 4 Golden: The Animation DLC, for Dazzling Smile, the credited singer is NOT Shiroko Hirata, but Marie, making Marie the only DLC-only character who has TWO songs.note 

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