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  • Franklin Roosevelt (who, at the time, is in a wheelchair because of polio) struggling to his feet to announce to the Joint Chiefs that they will be retaliating against Japan.
    Admiral Nimitz: Mr. President, with all due respect, sir... What you're asking can't be done.
    (Roosevelt shoots him a look that screams You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! and slowly rises from his wheelchair, clearly in pain, before he stands on his own two feet)
    • His manservant and the rest of the Joint Chiefs try to aid, but he refuses their help.
  • The actual attack was amazingly done, despite the glaring inaccuracies involving actions of the lead characters.
  • The air field sergeant, who takes one look at the Japanese fighters and fights back by firing his shotgun (ineffectually) at them.
    • And then goes on to lead the rest of the men on the ground into shooting down the last Japanese fighter on Rafe's tail.
  • The Japanese Fighter-Launching Sequence just before the attack.
  • Dorie Miller shooting down several Japanese planes during the attack, despite being a Naval cook with no formal training in operating an AA Gun. Made even better by the fact that this actually happened.
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  • A bit of a mix of Awesome, Tear Jerker and Heartwarming, but the actions of EVERYONE during the attack and the immediate aftermath. Everyone, from the highest ranking officers to the lowly cooks and janitors, is doing his or her part and beyond to fight back or provide medical care to the wounded. There's no fighting over race, rank, status, gender or any of the things that divided people of the time in play. Everyone is 100% devoted to the task at hand.
  • In a meta sense, Ewen Bremner, who plays Red in the film, became a morale boost for everybody at Boot Camp, when the cast and the army were sure that he wasn't going to make it through the training, during pre-production.

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