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  • Managing to complete Pokémon Dark Rising as a Nuzlocke, which hasn't been done a lot in Let's Plays.
    • He also managed to complete its prequel Dark Rising: Worlds Collide as a Nuzlocke. And while he didn't manage to perform this feat with Dark Rising 2, he started a new LP to try to fix this.
  • In his Hoenn White Eliminationlocke, he faces off against Elesa, who was turned into Watts for the hack. His team has been reduced to nobody but his Darmanitan, Hotpockets, before this battle. And the Gym Leader is a double battle. Patterrz manged to go through half of Elesa's/Watt's team, before Hotpockets dropped because of a critical hit.
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  • In his LeafGreen Randomizer his starter, Tree-Rex, manages to survive the entire game. Including the rematches against the Elite 4 in post-game!
  • In his Sun Nuzlocke, he tests out Sinister Arrow Raid after Bowguy evolves.
    • He catches a Vulpix with a Critical Capture.
    • Lancer versus Lusamine's party in the second battle, though it was unintentional. After Lusamine's Clefable goes down, Patterrz considers switching out Lancer, but he accidentally misclicks. He decides to take a risk and have Lancer use Psychic. However, earlier on, Lancer had used Calm Mind, which raises the user's Special Attack and Special Defense stats. This results in Lancer sweeping Lusamine's Pokemon as one by one, they go down, until Milotic is remaining. And Lancer takes Milotic out effortlessly.

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