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  • Within the first day, the Kickstarter has managed to get over 80,000 dollars and 2,000 supporters, and it still has 32 days to go. Ice Pick Lodge even wrote a post about it:
    So, er, we kind of knew there are some people interested in our endeavors and possibly frustrated with some aspects of original Pathologic, but we're floored. [...] Thank you so much! Each and every one of you. We don't want to say something posh and cliché here, like "it's an honor" or "we'll do our best to be worthy of the faith you've put in us". Just bear in mind that there's a bunch of folks somewhere in Russia who keep refreshing the Backers page, reading every name and smiling giddily.
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  • While working on the remake, Ice Pick feared that the amount of changes they were making would alienate fans of the original but didn't want to compromise. So what did they do? Secretly upscale, bug fix and properly localize the original game and release it on Steam with next to no fanfare.

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