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Awesome / Panic Room

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  • Meg temporarily taking Raoul down... by smacking him in the head with a sledgehammer.
  • Sarah gets one of these when she leaps onto Raoul's back and starts stabbing the hell out of him with her diabetes syringes.
  • Meg getting Stephen's mistress to shut up and get him on the phone:
    Meg: Put him on the phone, bitch!
  • Burnham's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • A heavily injured Stephen trying to shoot Raoul.
    • Not to mention him successfully calling the police.
  • Generally, Meg shows a high level of savvy and resourcefulness throughout the entire film, and comes up with various good ideas to solve the problem. Her crowning moment, however, must be the way she deals with the problem of the panic room being flooded with gas, by wrapping herself and Sarah in the fire blanket, and setting fire to the gas while they were still in the room. Her semi-shellshocked demand to Sarah afterwards is also a Funny Moment.

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