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  • Pretty much every single heist is performed in a way that shows you how Bain and the crew really think ahead:
    • First World Bank has the crew robbing a bank. Rather than brute forcing the vault open, they take cans of thermite and melt a hole in the floor above the vault for easy access. The crew then use C4 to blow a hole in a wall to escape through a neighboring building.
    • Heat Street shows just what happens when the crew's determination is in full force. Being betrayed by one of their own that ran off with the money, the crew decide to chase the traitor down the streets on foot while plowing through hordes of police and SWAT units and they continue to do so after getting the traitor out of the wrecked van push him to higher ground in their escape route.
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    • Panic Room is basically an awesome version of Take a Third Option. Posing as buyers in a drug deal, the crew infiltrate a crack house and eliminate the gang inside. The panic room in the building has the money the crew seeks, but rather than trying to crack the code to open the door or brute forcing the door open, the crew decide to ''steal'' the whole damn room. How do they do it? Detach the panic room from the floor with some saws, use C4 to blow a hole to the roof above the panic room, and then have their helicopter pilot airlift the room out via magnet.
    • Green Bridge has the crew blow up a bridge to stop a prison convoy containing a prisoner they've been hired to free. Rather than attempt driving away, they hook the man up to a (pre-placed) surplus ejection seat with a balloon tether for a plane to skyhook away. And for the crew themselves, they use (again pre-placed) scuba gear to swim away.
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    • Slaughterhouse has the crew use construction equipment to ambush a convoy carrying gold bars. Part two of the plan involves setting a tire fire to create a thick cloud of smoke so that they can hide the gold in a shipping container and shuffle the containers around to prevent the cops from determining which container the gold is in.
    • Counterfeit has a safe that is full of jewels and printing plates worth a ton of money. Unlike other safes, the lock cannot be drilled into and it's resistant to explosions. Bain tells the crew to drill a hole above the safe, fill it up with water, and then use C4 to explode it from the inside out so that the door can pop off while the water protects the goods from the explosion. The man knows his stuff. And before the heist itself, the crew poses as a pool repair shop at least a week in advance so they can scout out and sabotage the target's security system.
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    • Diamond Heist shows how quickly the crew can improvise if the heist goes completely sour. Should the codes to the vault not work, Bain tells the crew to get the CFO so that he can negotiate with Mr. Garnet for the codes. Should the negotiations fail, Bain then decides that Ralph, Mr. Garnet's son, will be their next best step and then he pushes the CFO out of the helicopter so he falls to his death in front of all the cameras to show that the crew is not fucking around. After getting Ralph into the helicopter, Mr. Garnet gives up the codes, knowing he can't put his own son's life at risk.
    • Undercover has the crew ambush an IRS agent to snatch a server he has on him which is worth $25 million. Rather than going out in the open, the crew has Alex operate a crane to snatch up the limo that the agent is in, place it on the roof, and have the crew infiltrate it to steal the server and force the agent into a room where they interrogate him for the sever codes.
    • No Mercy, if the stealth portion succeeds, shows how far ahead the crew thinks step by step. First, they destroy the cameras so security can't see what they're doing. Second, they keep the hostages down to prevent them from hitting the panic buttons. Third, after the crew gets the file they need, they set up fake sentry guns to prevent the hostages from trying anything funny. After everything is set up, the crew disguise themselves as doctors and they use the role to get information out of another doctor to see where the infected patient is. Once they know where he is, the crew cuts a wire in a security box that is linked to the ICU so that they have a straight shot in getting the blood samples they need. Should the plan fail, the crew has a back up plan by using a saw stuffed inside a stuffed animal to brute force the doors open.
  • Anyone that was able to survive the ARG event in the First World Bank is made of this trope. If you were able to survive 2 hours waiting for the drill to open the hidden door and get the gold inside while playing on Overkill 145+, you deserve kudos.


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