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Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

  • Piggot pointing out exactly why she kept Sophia to Legend. No matter how much you dislike her or Sophia, she wasn't wrong and he can't say otherwise.
    Piggot: “I request reinforcement after reinforcement. More troops, more supplies, more funding, more Parahumans, more anything that can be spared. Would you like to know what happened, Legend? Nothing. I get nothing! I get it. The Bay is a shit hole, an economic disaster sinking into its own filth. This place isn’t a priority for any of you. I can manage. I roll with the punches.

    I keep my relationships amicable with New Wave. Get a working relationship with Parian for the capes who need costumes from her. I take the help where I can find it. I muscled Sophia into the Wards out of necessity, Legend. She was my only hard counter to Lung, my only hard counter to Hookwolf, to Kaiser, perhaps even Krieg as well. She was a cape that dropped into my lap out of sheer happenstance.

    I take what I can get, Legend. And I try to get the damn job done with the table scraps you and the Director here deign to spare me from wherever the hell you are. And I can deal with that. But don’t you sit there, coming on down from your Ivory Tower to see the disaster zone and judge me when all you’ve done is leave us out here to drown in a sinking city."
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  • Tattletale outing Coil during the meeting and setting things up to where it's completely viable that he did everything, enough that it fooled Victor.
  • The Raid on Coil's base. Virtually every faction against him has someone who does him in during an alternate timeline, his world is crashing down around him, and then Miss Militia gives us this gem:
    Militia: "The E-88 is the least of your problems Thomas. I am your problem..."

    “I wasn’t always Miss Militia… I wasn’t always the girl of red, white, and blue. I wasn't always Hannah Washington. I did many things before I became a Ward and later a Protectorate hero… a lot of things that gave me skills… skills I’ve never forgotten. I swore to myself I’d kill you when this started. After you killed Assault… after you turned Taylor against us. After you drugged Dinah to the point of no return. Used Taylor to hurt Colin. Sophia. Chris..."

    “You’re no savior. You’re nothing more than another warlord. This’ll be simple then. Killing Warlords is always simple.
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  • Glory Girl managing to knock Surtr back by four blocks, away from the PRT base and her sister.
  • The Triumvirate against Surtr, with the former winning... right up until Nadalia went Mama Bear. Capping with a Big Damn Heroes from Alsanna to settle things.
  • Alsanna saving Emma when Nadalia is about to recommence the Mind Rape and then kicking Nadalia out of Emma's head.
  • The Leviathan fight in Arc 7:
    • Alsanna, Eidolon, and Clockblocker use their powers to first flash-freeze a tidal wave and then freeze it in time with Clockblocker's power, rendering it a massive and unbreakable wall against other tidal waves.
    • Taylor burns several blocks worth of buildings to get enough ash to weigh down Leviathan's control of its water, at least enough to piss it off into chasing her.
    • After Glory Girl is killed, Taylor grabs the Dark Soul itself and dishes out a lethal Curb-Stomp Battle to Leviathan.
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    • Emma, Alsanna, Nadalia, Darklurker, and the summoned Knights of Eleum Loyce work together to contain the Abyss released by Taylor's use of the Dark Soul and save her from that power.
  • Arc 8:
    • When Nashandra is threatening to crush a fragment of Taylor's soul Nadalia promptly threatens to END Nashandra if she does it.
    • All of 8.7:
      • Legend and Eidolon have to face off against the Darklurker, who keeps one-upping them until they discover its weakness with Insight's help. Even then it starts multiplying itself and flinging every kind of spell in the book.
      • Alexandria and Raime go toe-to-toe, with her disarming him only for him to know how to fight and still go at it. When she tries to drown him, he reverses it and grabs hold of her to do the same.
      • Victoria's conversation with Taylor. Even in death Vicky's there looking out for her friend.
      • The tail end of the chapter and crossing over with heartwarming, Vendrick brings Vicky back to life.