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A list of each Moment of Awesome for Osana Reimu.

Osana Reimu:

  • As sad as it is, the final fight between Rumia and Reimu's mother is very well done for a Film Comic.
    • The mother even switches from her copy of Reimu's outfit into the leotard-hakama-boots combo of her original MUGEN incarnation, Sendai Hakurei no Miko. And the outfit, combined with her fox mask and the sinister Super Mode of her Fantasy Nature, makes her every bit the badass the original concept is said to be.


  • Although simultaneously quite frightening, Yukari shuts up a mouthy Marisa with contemptuous ease during an argument about what to do with Rumia - Yukari intends to be done with it and just kill her outright, Marisa wants to at least attempt to subdue her nonlethally. Reimu simply munches a cookie and watches the two have at it. As the witch shouts at Yukari for both her heartlessness and blatant disregard for the spellcard rules, within a split second, she thrusts her hand through a gap and puts Marisa - on the other side of the table - into a Neck Lift, choking her out for several seconds and only releasing her after making the following point:
    "No matter who you're working with or whatever your reasons, if you try to destroy my beloved Gensokyo... I will show no mercy."
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  • We don't get to see it, but Reimu and Marisa's subsequent brawl with Yukari was apparently epic - the front porch of the shrine is cracked and shattered, and Yukari herself is a singed, battered heap. Even taking into account that she was holding together a pocket afterlife, and outright sandbagging at the time, she's still a Phantasm-class Bonus Boss who they defeated without seemingly taking much damage, if any, while she was left a beaten mess.
  • Credit where it's due, barring a last-minute intervention from the Dragon God (which is even more of a Fanon conceit than the subject of this story, and considered by most fans to be the ultimate Godzilla Threshold of Gensokyo), Rumia would have successfully peeled the Great Hakurei Barrier off Gensokyo like the rind of an orange, laying it bare to the Outside World, had Reimu not stopped her. Even after she absorbs her darkness into a spellcard, the hole she'd already created makes the incursions Sumireko will cause with the Occult Orbs in a few years' time look like tiny pinpricks in comparison. Yuyuko even has to summon a legion of ghosts from Hakugyokurou to help with the repairs!
  • The Cavalry coming into attack Rumia's giant ball of darkness. Marisa, Alice, Suika, Remilia, Team Nine, Youmu, and Yuuka all unleash everything they've got to blast open a hole for Reimu to get inside.
    • Yukari gets a special mention complete with HSQ: Remember her Cool Train from the fighting games? She attacks Rumia's darkness with over a dozen of them.
    • Low-key one for Ran: after Yukari burns all her remaining strength and collapses inside a train, just waiting for the structure to crunch around her, Ran somehow plucks her master out of danger. She was also setting up a barrier spell with Chen that, according to Yukari, would've killed Rumia outright had she been able to activate it.
  • The entire fight between Reimu and Awakened!Rumia. Highlights include Shadow Clone Jutsu performed with ofuda, giant yin yang orbs, and Rumia's "living shadow" One-Winged Angel form, one of the most well-received versions of EX-Rumia in the fandom.
    • Rumia basically tanks Reimu's first spellcard when she switches to danmaku, completely oblivious to the point of the exercise (also counts as Funny when she screams at Reimu to take her seriously), and with a Flandre-esque maneuver, snaps her fist closed and sheers the aforementioned giant yin yang orb in half. Reimu simply continues to plink Rumia with more spellcards until the ancient youkai remembers that she too used to enjoy the system in her child form, prompting her to drain her entire darkness ball into a spellcard. Less awesome when it's revealed that this spellcard was Cast From HP and intended to facilitate a Suicide by Cop, but it forced Reimu to clear her heart and successfully activate Fantasy Nature for the first time.
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  • Reimu using Fantasy Nature to drag Rumia back to the land of the living because she refuses to be without her childhood friend. "You're not allowed to disappear anymore."
  • Yukari earns some serious points for salvaging the tragedy of Osana Reimu and turning it into a huge Batman Gambit, all to further Reimu's growth as Hakurei Miko and hopefully give Rumia reconciliation with Reimu's Mother. And despite completely losing control of the situation before, this plan manages to succeed beautifully. Nice to see you back in top form, your gappiness.

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