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Awesome / Operation: Turnabout

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  • Lieutenant Irene Victoria's Big Damn Heroes Moment. "Objection! Your Honor, a word if I may!"
    • Let's break it down: Phoenix was a second away from a guilty verdict and Victoria intervened at the last second. She proceeds to give a Get A Hold Of Yourself Man speech to Phoenix, Maya, and the Judge, and a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Franziska Von Karma. The woman was so intimidating that she had Franziska sputtering, the Judge hiding, and the bailiff too frightened to remove her. Victoria even points out that the only other possibility is so obvious, that she's surprised none of them thought of it. All that was missing was a Mic Drop.
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    • Then, her words prompt Phoenix to realize that Harvey's death could have been a suicide. He manages to raise enough doubt that the trial is postponed until the next day.
    • The Judge also gets a moment where he tells Franziska, who is not taking the news well, to calm down or he'll hold her in contempt of court.
    • Finally, there is Franziska's glorious Villainous Breakdown, even if Phoenix was whipped into unconsciousness again. Props to the voice actress for making this moment come to life.
      Franziska: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My case! What have you done to my perfect case!? I will not have it!... I! HATE! YOU! PHOENIX! WRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!
  • Sergeant Tenant No-Selling Franziska's whip. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • With the evidence he has not bearing enough fruit to prove November's innocence and the possible suicide angle thrown out the window, Phoenix proposes a completely different way to look at the crime: the bomb that was used to kill Harvey was actually a failed murder attempt on Lt. Victoria, who he was seeing later that day. Refuge in Audacity doesn't even begin to cover the hoops Phoenix jumps through in order to establish this as a possibility. It obviously doesn't work, but he manages to stall enough time for Franziska to receive a phone call that a suicide note was recently reconstructed from the crime scene.
  • On Day 3 of the trial, when Phoenix calls Dr. Siegfried to the stand, the doctor immediately steps up to be cross-examined without a fuss, even though this meant he would be convicted.
    • What makes this moment even better is that Dr. Siegfried could have confessed at that moment, but he didn't. Why? Because he needed Phoenix to PROVE it beyond the shadow of a doubt first so there could be no room for error.
    • Then, after his full confession, Lt. Victoria confesses that she crafted the bomb so that Dr. Siegfried wouldn't take all the blame. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Finally, after Lt. Victoria tearfully admits she was the one who accidentally caused the Helios-6 incident. Phoenix gives her much-needed peace of mind when he figures out that she wasn't responsible. Captain Harvey framed her.
  • You'd think after the confession, the trial would finally be over, but Phoenix has a nagging feeling something is off, compounded by Mia Fey telling him that there is more truth to be revealed. Despite all the trouble our favorite defense attorney has caused with his bluffing and stalling, he goes through with accusing Captain Adel Renard of murdering Harvey, which is followed by Phoenix carefully and logically knocking down many of the man's testimonies.
    Phoenix: To be honest, I'm quite disappointed.
    Renard: That you couldn't make a villain out of me?
    Phoenix: No, I thought you could come up with a better lie!
  • A villainous one, but the fact that Renard was able to play Captain Harvey and the Aresian insurgents like fiddles just because he enjoyed the challenge. With the insurgents executed by a firing squad, all that remained was Harvey, who he subtly manipulated into killing most of his men to cover up his traitorous tracks. That action only served to cement Harvey's position as being under Renard's boot, which he exploited financially. Once Harvey got the promotion and immunity offer in exchange for a confession, Renard pushed him into a paranoid tailspin with a hint that he was going to kill him. The man is, without a doubt, a bastard of the highest order, but damn it, he is really good at it.
  • Just as Adel Renard is about to walk off for his crimes, Franziska prevents him from escaping by convincing the Judge to threaten Renard with contempt of court for hurling insults in the courtroom and refusing to finish his testimony. This corners Renard as if he is detained for contempt, his crimes will eventually be investigated and uncovered by AN Headquarters unless he finishes his testimony, allowing Phoenix an opportunity to nail the bastard for good.
    • "Face it, Mr. Wright. You can never prove that I did it." "OBJECTION!!"
  • Just when you think Renard has finally been caught, he pulls a bomb and threatens everyone inside to let him leave or he'll kill them all. Say what you will about him, but he is truly a force to be reckoned with.
    • One of the Judge's greatest moments right here after he reluctantly orders the bailiff to release Renard.
      Judge: Do not think of this as a victory, Renard. You may walk away, but you'll never be a free man again. You will live the rest of your life as an international fugitive. Sooner or later, you will be caught and will have to pay for your crimes.
  • "You've done everything you need to call your bluff. Namely, you took off your gloves!"
    Renard: No sensible person would trust this man!
    (Cue Franziska promptly whipping the bomb out of his hand, revealing it to be a dud.)
    Franziska: Allow me to prove you wrong.
    • What makes this moment doubly awesome is the Character Development Franziska went through on two counts. One, the fact she was able to put her trust in Phoenix despite him being her rival to the point where she declared she hated him (though, the fact the supposed murderers confessed and the Big Bad was a huge asshole helped), and two, this is the ONLY time she used her whip in Part 6. She never used it on Phoenix when he was winning, or on Renard when he insulted her. That takes a lot of restraint.
  • Cpt. Renard's well-deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech delivered by everyone in the courtroom when his fake bomb bluff is called and he realizes the game is up. Cue Villainous Breakdown.