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  • Episode 2 gives us Ryoshi Morino, who suffers from paralyzing scopophobia. When a group of thugs from another school kidnap Ryoko Ookami, and leave him bleeding in the street, it seems to be a desperate situation. Said thugs then proceed to kick a bound Ryoko and threaten to rape her. However, before they can get started, her phone rings, and the caller on the other end asks if Ryoko is safe. When the thugs announce their plans for her and say they'll show the caller on the cell phone's camera, Ryoshi calls out from inside their hideout that they won't ever get that far, and that he can see all of their faces from where he is. He then proceeds to snipe them all with a slingshot while the remaining members of the Otogi Bank free Ryoko and even the odds.
    • This description completely misses out on Ryoshi's fight with The Dragon in the same episode. "I'm a hunter!" *punches the bad guy's face* "I will be the one who catches Ryoko."
  • Then there was the second half of Episode 5 when they stormed Onigashima High.
  • In Episode 11, Ryoshi's Training from Hell pays off when he becomes The Stoic and blocks Hitsujikai's attack and lands a solid blow of his own, drawing blood and knocking Hitsujikai on his ass.
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  • In Episode 12, Ryoshi and Ryoko go up against a pair of loan sharks and pretty much dominate them the entire fight.

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