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  • Cruella gets one for standing up to her terrible mother Malevola De Vil in the episode "Coup De Vil".
    Cruella: You are a Control Freak! You're as cuddly as a gargoyle and you have the fashion sense of a DRUID!
    • She also looks Malevola's psychotic guard dogs straight in the eye and says, without blinking, "YOU CAN BE FIXED."
  • Cadpig has a notable moment in "My Fair Moochie" when she beats the ever-living crap out of El Diablo, an unmovable Chihuahua who had casually flicked everyone else out of the ring.
  • Aside from all of her Pullet Marlow moments, Spot has an epic on in "Full Metal Pullet" when she stands up to Lt. Pug after he constantly berates and insults her and gives him an amazing "The Reason You Suck" Speech in the process.
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  • Cruella's Enfant Terrible niece Ivy uses remote-controlled robot puppies to so that all the Dalmatians are framed for attacking the post office, but she forgets to do anything about Spot. Just when everything's going according to plan, Spot dive-bombs Ivy and breaks her remote control, turning her robot pups against her and Cruella. Considering that Spot is a Creator's Pet to the fans, that's a pretty cool moment for her.
  • Rolly in "Hail to the Chief", where he manages to not only rescue the animals from the burning barn, but expose Jasper and Horace as well.


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