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Episode 1 - Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Jafar's Establishing Character Moment: He makes the Red Queen, otherwise depicted as an emotionless sociopath, step back in fear of him and plead for her life.
  • Alice immediately snapping into Action Girl mode upon hearing that Cyrus may be alive. She effortlessly beats up the whole team of orderlies taking her to be lobotomized.
  • The Knave of Hearts going all Big Damn Heroes on the Cheshire Cat to save Alice. Sure, it's only because he tried to use one of the wishes he stole from her and realized it doesn't work unless it's granted to him by Alice, but it's still a cool moment for him.

Episode 2 - Trust Me

  • Alice out-gambiting Jafar. She intentionally leaked false information to see who she could trust, and to find out who she was up against.
  • The Red Queen finally getting one over on Jafar by getting her hands on Cyrus's bottle, proving her worth as a co-Big Bad.

Episode 3 - Forget Me Not

  • Cyrus out-gambiting Jafar and the Red Queen at the same time, playing them like fools to send a Bandersnatch after Alice, both to prevent her from being eaten by another monster and to send her a message.
  • The Red Queen could apparently summon a Sarlaac to Wonderland if she so chose.

Episode 4 - The Serpent

  • Alice poses as the Knave's executioner, fights off the Queen's guards, and escapes with the Knave by using a freaking catapult to vault the pair of them over the outer wall of the Queen's courtyard. Badass!
    • A smaller one before that was how she was able to find out about the execution. "I have a blade."
    • Also, slapping the Red Queen across the face in hopes of getting her to come to her senses and start listening to her heart, since she obviously still cares about the Knave.
  • Jafar's Start of Darkness, completely subverting the show's usual pattern of giving the villain a sympathetic backstory and a dead true love, instead giving him merely a sympathetic starting point before very quickly throwing the sympathy away as he deliberately embraces evil, ending with him killing his lover and turning her into his staff!
    • Not killing, but A Fate Worse Than Death.
    • Jafar starting out worse off than Aladdin, then having enough courage (or enough of a deathwish) to seek out the most powerful witch in the kingdom and ask her to teach him her darkest magic. Keeping in mind, most people are so scared that they won't even look at her in the market.
    • Jafar manages to find someone smart enough to wish that Jafar could never hurt him. That doesn't mean Jafar will let him get away with calling him a bastard though.
  • Cyrus cutting through his cage cell using a pair of razor sharpened wishbones.
    • That's not even the impressive part. He'd earlier gotten caught using one of the wishbones and the guard threw it down the pit below Cyrus' cage, and Cyrus' plan seems thwarted. Until we learn that Cyrus was COUNTING on the guard catching him and throwing away his wishbone, as putting the remaining wishbone to the cage's floor creates a magnet effect that brings the other wishbone back up from the pit and in exactly the position that Cyrus needs it to be in. Damn!

Episode 5 - Heart of Stone

  • Cyrus is more than just a Distressed Dude. He breaks out of Jafar's magic-proof prison cells with a pair of sharpened wishbones and some acrobatic skills. And kills a dude on the way out.
  • The White Rabbit realizing that he could lose a bit more than a foot in this game, and deciding to throw a wrench in the works for once.

Episode 6 - Who's Alice?

  • A couple of bandits attempt to steal Alice's necklace. They come out on the losing end of the encounter. Not that we needed any more evidence that she's a Badass.
  • Most people in the borogrove turn into calm, docile trees. Alice turns into the Whomping Willow. With a sword.
  • Part Two of Cyrus' escape, including tricking the guards into chasing two different wrong directions, and then jumping off of Jafar's floating skycastle. It's only double the height of the last cliff he fell off, no big deal. He's really starting to sell just why Alice fell so madly in love with him.

Episode 7 - Bad Blood

  • Alice's father trying to pull a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Young Jafar again. He gets into the palace by having the guts to steal a palace guard's knife right off of his belt. Then keeps calm, and acts every inch like the prince he is in the presence of his father.
    • Young Jafar knows more about foreign policy and geopolitics than members of court!
    • Young Jafar survived his Jerkass father drowning him by sustaining his soul with pure rage, and forcing it back into his lifeless body after it was left unguarded. Jafar is a zombie sustained by rage! No wonder he wasn't scared of Amara killing him.
    • Adult Jafar storms Agrabah's palace, kills his half-brother and captures his father singlehandedly.
  • The Old Man. Even if he is something of a Retired Monster, given what we know of Jafar's torture methods so far, it's pretty awesome that he hasn't managed to give in and say what Jafar wants him to say. Especially because Jafar isn't doing this for closure, like Once Upon a Time's other villains would. He's doing this just to humiliate him before he kills him, and the old man is staving off his execution by refusing to say the words.
    • His suicide attempt makes this even better. He could have killed himself during Cyrus' escape. Instead he waited to look Jafar in the eye before he leaped off the edge.
  • Alice catching on to Jafar's ruse due to her knowledge of her father's habits. Which is followed by Jafar realizing that Alice and Knave are onto him, and immediately moving to phase two of his scheme.
    • When Alice and Knave see Jafar heading right for them, they don't even bother to run. They just glare. At the most powerful sorcerer in the realm (in probably several realms).

Episode 8 - Home

  • The Red Queen completely outmaneuvering Jafar, topped off by her leaving behind "present" to him: the treacherous Tweedle's head in a box.
    • Jafar retaliates by blowing up her castle. Sure, the effects looks like something out of Birdemic, but the fact that he was pissed enough to go through with it is pretty cool.
    • To reiterate: this is a crowning moment for both villains: the Red Queen caught onto Jafar's game. And instead of trying to be subtle about it, instead of playing another game and trying out-trick him, she stops playing around and immediately evacuates her kingdom and declares a one woman war on him in the smuggest way she can manage. Jafar responds by reminding her why she's afraid of him, and blowing her castle up in a way that she can see from miles off.
  • Alice and Cyrus as Back-to-Back Badasses in the beginning of the flashback.

Episode 9 - Nothing To Fear

  • The Jabberwocky manages to learn Jafar's deepest fear and makes him experience it all over again, causing Jafar to lose his characteristic cool and proving that the Jabberwocky is every bit the terrifying monster he was warned about.
  • Will says that he expects Anastasia to use her wishes to take the easy way out of the current situation, same as she always does. She promptly announces that she and Will are staying to help Alice and Cyrus free Cyrus' brothers, who are also imprisoned in bottles. To top off her Character Development, she even owns up to her previous bad behavior.
    Anastasia: I've been a terrible Queen. These people deserved better than what I gave them.

Episode 10 - Dirty Little Secrets

  • The Jabberwocky while inflicting a real Curb-Stomp Battle on the Red Queen.
  • Nightmare Fuel though it was, the scene where the Jabberwocky breaks Anastasia and forces her to use her wishes is a Moment of Awesome for the writers, the director, and the actors. The whole scene is equal parts terrifying and amazing.

Episode 11 - The Heart of The Matter

  • Cyrus and Alice stealing back the compass from the Caterpillar. Cyrus distracts him while nonchalantly eating snacks and taking drinks from the barmaids around him while a shrunken Alice sneaks into the caterpillar's horde and drags the compass out.
  • The final flashback with Cora, the Queen of Hearts, who teaches the newly born Red Queen how to channel her powerful magic into a brazier by exploiting her negative feelings.
  • Amara protecting Cyrus while still a staff.

Episode 12 - To Catch a Thief

  • Will calling Alice out on her hypocrisy with a rant that gives her a much-needed reality check.
    Will: I finally got my heart back, and you're asking me not to use it. I went to the ends of the earth for you and Cyrus, risked me neck a dozen times!
    Alice: That was different.
    Will: Why? Why is it different? You know what your problem is? You think your love story is the only one worth fighting for!
  • Jafar vs. Amara. The entire magical duel. Points to Amara for almost defeating Jafar, and points to Jafar for correctly deducing Amara's relationship with Cyrus and using it to his advantage so that he ends up the victor.

Episode 13 - And They Lived...

  • Jafar threatens to change Alice's past so that she and Cyrus never meet, unless she tells him where Amara is. She responds with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he knows nothing about true love, how everything he has is an illusion, and how he'll never be able to destroy what she has with Cyrus, no matter what he does.
  • How Alice tricks Jafar and wins, which is essentially a Xanatos Gambit: if Amara dies and the water is returned to the Well, the curse is broken, the genies' power is lost, and so is Jafar's spell breaking the laws of magic. But if he takes the water from Amara to prevent it from being returned, he's become the one stealing from the Well and is thus cursed instead, which also frees the other genies and undoes Jafar's spell cast with their powers.
    Alice: I told you I wouldn't be the one to stop you.
  • After Will and Alice try to convince Anastasia that she's under a love spell, Anastasia asks them what love is, if not what she's feeling. Will then reaches through the magic barrier that has him trapped to pull her close for a kiss that breaks the love spell.

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