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  • From Episode 3...
    Morgan: I don't think you get it, rubber man! This arm of mine is good for two things: lumberjacking, (dicingonions), and executing traitors of the state!
    Luffy: No, YOU don't get it! No one shoots at Mr. Fuzzy Flippers... (beat) and gets away with it! *dashes through the soldiers towards Morgan*
    Soldier 1: His speed!
    Soldier 2: Incredible!
    Soldier 3: He's like the Flash!
    Soldier 4: Eh, I've seen faster.
    Luffy: Friggin' sandals!
    Morgan: Uh oh!
    *Luffy grabs Morgan and starts punching him*
    Helmeppo: *holding Coby at gunpoint* Stop it! I'll kill the boy, I swear! *gets punched by Luffy*
    Luffy: God, that was unnecessarily violent!
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  • Episode 4: Luffy kills a lion.
    Luffy: I think it's time to switch up condiments, 'cause that weak sauce ain't helping...I killed a lion.
    (Luffy intercepts Mohji with a kick; cue massive explosion leaving only Luffy standing)
    Luffy: I am the club-rocker.
  • Luffy and Zoro's plan of getting into the party in Fanfic Mode: Episode "5". Rockets. The angelic music makes it superb.
  • Episode 7 - After Luffy gets unreasonably mad at the cat pirates, he chases them down the hill, sending them screaming back in terror, runs past their leader, tears the front off their ship and slams them with it, set to Stampede from The Lion King OST.
    Luffy: Prepare yourselves for a visually ironic death!!
    • Followed later by:
    Luffy: Eat! My! Dick!!


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