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  • Although Reviel is weakened at the beginning of the game and is only level 5, he's still able to effortlessly defeat the bandits who tried to mug him. He later deals several Curb Stomp Battles to the rest of the bandits in order to rescue Luna from them.
  • Reviel relearns his first Limit Break, Moon Petal Dance, in order to put the Almighty Jackson Boer in his place.
  • Thanks to (not-so-well-intentioned) help from Ristill, Luna discovers her hidden talent for Thaumaturgy, allowing her to become a Combat Medic.
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  • For what it's worth, Luna managed to fight well in the first dungeon as a normal human, with only Shylphiel (who is roughly as strong) as help.
  • Maxwell normally drives its host mad while giving them an infinite mana boost. Idith manages to control her Maxwell through sheer determination, allowing her to give Reviel a tough fight despite the fact that he broke his Power Limiter. Then Ristill reveals that she actually wanted this to happen all along in order to gain enough data to do the same. Despite that, Reviel manages to win (albeit with familiars), showing that he's not as Unskilled, but Strong as others think he is.
  • Luna manages to regain her consciousness after becoming a Dark Disciple, which Reviel thought was impossible. This allows her to be herself while also being the badass she always wanted to be.
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  • While you can't play as them, Roshule and Madoc are both surprisingly powerful despite being far out of their prime, as shown when they slay several devils during Hypnosis's attack.
  • The Final Boss and Bonus Boss have the ability to change the battle background from a grassy plain or cave to a magical dimension filled with magic circle platforms and clock gears.
  • The Final Boss is already amazing and difficult enough because you're fighting Khaos, the best combatant of the Ancestors. Then Ristill forms an Enemy Mine with Reviel and negates Khaos's barrier, making the fight an epic battle between all three Ancestors. Then Shylphiel joins the fray and finally convinces Khaos to let her fight too, resulting in a sudden difficulty spike mid-battle.
  • In general, it can be surprisingly satisfying to recruit familiar versions of some of the past bosses, especially when they tend to be one of the better familiars of their dungeon.
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  • Using New Game+ to easily beat bosses that previously gave the player trouble is quite satisfying, especially if the Falling Star solo formation is used.

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