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  • In 1960, Nixon meets with a shadowy group of big business figures and Cuban exiles (all who are heavily implied to have something to do with the Kennedy assassination) who try to get him to run for president again in 1964; although he refuses, they nevertheless manage to intimidate him immensely. In 1972, following his triumphant visit to China, Nixon again meets with these businessmen, who — not liking the way the country has been going under his leadership — again try to intimidate him. Only this time, Nixon shows them exactly who's in charge:
    "Jack Jones": Now Dick — Mr. President — aren't you forgetting who put you where you are?
    Nixon: The American people put me where I am.
    "Jack Jones": Really. Well, that can be changed.
    Oilman: In a heartbeat.
    Nixon: ... Jack, I've learned politics is the art of compromise. I learned it the hard way. I dunno if you have. But let me tell you this, Jack; if you don't like it there's an election in November and you can take your money out in the open and give it to Wallace. How about it, Jack? Willing to do that? Hand this country over to some pansy poet-socialist like George McGovern? Because if you're not happy with the E.P.A up your ass, try the I.R.S.
    "Jack Jones": [Shaken] Goddamn, Dick, you're not threatening me, are you?
    Nixon: Presidents don't threaten, Jack. They don't have to.
    • Even people who are critical of Nixon were outright rooting for him here.

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