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Awesome / Nine Minutes

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Chapter 1:

  • Vivi refusing to give up despite the fact that it seems like Luffy has died and all hope is lost
  • Luffy slowly coming back from the dead

Chapter 2:

  • Zoro's defiant to the end, just like his captain.
    • For the crew itself. They're still willing to fight Crocodile despite Luffy dying

Chapter 3:

  • Luffy killing Crocodile. He only has enough energy for a single strike and he makes it count.

Chapter 6:

  • Luffy managing to hurt Smoker in their fight. Keep in mind he's now just a normal human. Using tactics, common sense and sheer determination he manages to hurt Smoker.
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  • Luffy stealing Smoker's Jitte.

Chapter 9:

  • Zoro's complete lack of a sense of direction lets him ignore Isaac's powers that ruin a person's sense of directon.
  • Luffy, despite being completely outclassed, attempts a Heroic Sacrifice against the Devil Fruit hunters.
    • He gets away when he remembers that while he no longer has a Devil Fruit, he can swim now and smashes the dock they're fighting on.

Chapter 17:

  • Conis manages to defeat Yama.
  • Tashigi takes a stand against Smoker, stating the Strawhats don't deserve to die. She loses the fight, but it's badass regardless.
  • Nami beats Ohm using Confusion Fu and Psychic Static.

Chapter 18:

  • Usopp eats a Devil Fruit and beats Isaac and Berrit.

Chapter 19:

  • Luffy unlocks Haki and learns Geppo through sheer force of will.
  • Gan Fall shows up to fight Enel after eating the Metal Metal Fruit.

Chapter 20:

  • Pagaya defeats Marcus.
  • Vivi fully unlocks her Sand Sand powers.

Chapter 21:

  • Luffy defeats Enel by force feeding him the Metal Metal Fruit.

Chapter 22:

Chapter 26:

Chapter 38:

  • Despite (or rather because of) being robbed of most of his senses, Zoro fully unlocks Observation Haki and kills the mercenary fighting him.
  • Aisa does... something, and takes out the mercenary fighting her and Wiper.
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  • The half-dead Usopp pulling a *Click* Hello on a mercenary using the man's own grenade launcher.

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