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Awesome / Night of the Demon

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  • There's how Holden tricks Karswell to his death. He follows him into a train car, threatening to keep Karswell with him until the end. "You've sold your bill of goods too well, Mr Karswell. You see, I believe you now — I believe that something monstrous will happen at midnight. And when it does, you'll be RIGHT HERE." Karswell freaks and tries to flee with help from Scotland Yard. He almost escapes but Holden passes him his coat, at which point Karswell realizes...
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  • The music for this movie is a CMOA, as are the special effects. Try to watch the scene with Holden in the hotel hallway as the music plays, complete with the sound of massively heavy footsteps growing louder every second, and not feel a chill.
  • The scene with Holden fleeing through the woods from something that can't be seen, but is leaving massive flaming hoofprints as it walks after him, is simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

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