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  • While the story may lack the amazing visuals to accompany the skate sequences the show is famous for, since it is a fanfic, not an anime (Although the author will occasionally embed art into the fanfic), the author writes each skating sequence in a manner according to the top of their writing skills
  • At their first competition competing against each other, Yuri wins gold instead of Victor, beating his husband's score by less than one tenth of a point.
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  • In Chapter 10, reporters at the Russian skating team's press conference are making derrogatory comments about Victor's relationship with Yuri, when Yurio silences them with a blistering Shut Up, Hannibal!. After he finishes, he declares the press conference over and tells Yuri and Victor that it's time to go in a style of text that's not unlike the one of teenage boys making a rant on the comment section and therefore pretty accurate to his age range.
    Yurio: "You can all PISS OFF about it. How dare you question the skill of one of Russia's top skating talent? Can ''you'' skate his program better than he can with just the power of your ''raging heterosexuality?'' IDIOTS. This is figure skating. We dance on the ice wearing fancy costumes that are gaudy as all hell. The only thing more gay than that is the grappling style of mixed martial arts, and I don't see anyone complaining about how homo that is when one guy's got his nuts in some other guy's face, or even worse, if they're grappling balls to balls. It's ''absurd'' that any of you are wasting your time on this. Victor brought home 5 gold medals from the Grand Prix, Russian Nationals, Euros ''and WORLDS'', and the thing that ''you're'' worried about is how he gets his rocks off when he's ''off the ice''? How about worrying that he might tear a meniscus or rupture a disc or something? You know... REAL THREATS. You should be on your knees thanking him for coming back. We have TWO CHAMPIONS in Russia now! But go ahead and be stupid. Make Victor want to leave again! I don't think Japan will care if they suddenly have two champions on the roster! They sure didn't when Katsudon declared his super-gay love for Victor on national television a few months back!
    Turns to Victor and Yuri
    "Let's go. The conference is over. What a clusterfuck."
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  • In Chapter 68, during an arc that starts to piece together the circumstances of Viktor's mother's death, Konstantin (an original character created by the author meant to be his father) tells Victor to let go of Yuri's hand or he won't get any of the money his mother left for him. (Not that Konstantin would have been able to back that threat up, since the money in question was from a life insurance policy with Victor as the sole beneficiary, and the whole purpose of their meeting was because the insurance company was investigating Konstantin to determine if he was responsible for his wife's death) Victor's response is absolute gold.
    Victor: "I swear to God. If you say one more word about my relationship with my husband, I'm going to kiss him right here in front of you, with tongue, and you'll ''never'' get the image out of your mind. BACK OFF!
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  • When he shoos out Yuri and Yurio for a private conversation with his father in Chapter 69, Victor slams the door so hard he breaks it. This manages to impress his father, who unseccessfully tried to achieve that feat for decades.
  • After a panic attack before his Short Program at the Cup of China leads to Yuri scoring below 80 for the first time since Sochi, he performs his Free Skate well enough to turn it around and bounce back up to first place the next day.
  • Victor calling out his father in Chapter 201, especially after the man continues to brush off the gravity of what he did to his son.
    Konstantin: "Because I never wanted you to skate in the first place, and I hit you for it when that old man coach came to try and justify why I should let you."
    Victor: "You think that's the only reason? Because you made my life a nightmare and then beat me for it? What a ''big, strong man'' you were,punching a 12-year-old in the face so hard I went flying into a shoe stand and hurt my back too. No. How about because you hit me in the face ''again''? and ''again''! And then ''kicked me'' a few times for good measure, on my mother's own freshly dug grave, and then poured vodka on my head so the cuts would burn? How about because what you did put a strain on my relationship? Forcing me to lie to my friends and fans so they wouldn't have to worry about me! How about because what you did gave me nightmares for TWO YEARS after I finally got away? My left eye STILL twitches every time I have to think about you! You think I messed up today just because you were watching? No! I had a blackout and spent most of my program trying to fight off the memory of the MONSTER you are! Making you watch my Free Skate tomorrow is the only way I can really blow off steam about how angry you made me this past year! I spent NEARLY A YEAR trying to convince the man I loved to love me back and it took you ONE WEEKEND TO RUIN EVERYTHING! Ever since Yakov sent me that text, your shadow has been hovering over me. EVERY DAY. You say the only reason you bothered reaching out to tell me my mom had died was because that's what she would have wanted, and you were obligated to give me that damn care package she'd put together. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST KEPT HATING ME ENOUGH TO STAY AWAY. YOU SAY SHE'S DEAD AND NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE, SO TO YOU, SHE'D NEVER KNOW YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW THROUGH. YOU COULD'VE JUST LEFT WELL ENOUGH ALONE.
  • That same chapter, when Konstantin starts shouting after learning that Victor burned the letter from his mother, the man takes a step towards Victor, and Yuri goes ballistic, putting himself between Konstantin and Victor and holding his father-in-law's hand in a vice grip with every ounce of strenght in his body.
  • In Chapter 208, Pitchit's free skating to Shatter Me
  • Victor's Free Skate in Chapter 210. A silent Calling the Old Man Out towards his father and uncle to the heavy metal lyrics of Evoke".
    • To sum up, Victor did eight quads and finished with a score of 239.05.
    • And the cherry on top, he also did a double-quad combination. Both Yuris are stuttering in shock. This is justified since it's physically impossible due to physics to carry the momentum of a jump enough to perform another jump of the same rotation number, and so should be considered an artistic choice on the side of the author for shock value.
  • Despite His head injury 50 or so chapters earlier, Yuri manages to recover enough to win second place regardless.

  • After several chapters of buildup, Chapter 315 gives readers the long-awaited Team Skate with Victor, Yuri, and Yurio to the music of Fallout Boy's Centuries. complete with illustrations. The author, who previously had only known the lyrics by ear and later realized some phonetical mistakes, partially rewrote the song with the purpose of making it fit their story.

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