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  • In "Nuts to you" and "Nuts to you 2" Foamy decapitates humans... by throwing acrons at them! Nice to know that "Squirrely Wrath" isn't just an empty threat.
  • In an early episode Germaine is attacked by the ghostface killer and screams in horror as blood covers the screen... Cut back to her bathing in his blood as his mangled corpse swings from the ceiling with a RUBBER DUCKY embedded in it.
  • In "The Scholarship", Germaine finally stands up to Foamy.
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  • In "The Hatta", Germaine quickly calls out on The Hatta for using the racist card as a way to shut people up whenever he can't argue with someone.
    Germaine: Go fuck yourself you race card playing cock muncher!
  • Most of Foamy's rants are just funny and aren't meant to be taken seriously, but the rant on Teachers and Bullies will likely make you simultaneously laugh and cheer:
    "If it's brought to your attention that one kid is picking on another, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't just say, Oh, he's only playing around, or God forbid you use the old standby: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. OK. Keep that in mind when I call you a drunk, fat bitch with poor teaching skills who, at best, is a glorified babysitter. That's it, young man! Go to the principal's office! Here we go again: another instance of a teacher passing off a problem on someone else.
    "So, now, once in the principal's office, let that person know that your teacher came up with this inane theory that names will never hurt them, and applying the Scientific Method, you decided to test that theory by 'calling her a drunk, fat bitch with poor teaching skills; the results of this experiment show the subject became very irritable and aggressive, and thus renders their previous theory of names never hurting them null and void. I don't believe I should be taught by an individual who can't put into practice rudimentary concepts, nor do I feel I should be supervised by an individual who is clearly emotionally unstable. I'd like to speak to my lawyer now.'"
    • Further, after encouraging kids to boycott all classwork until rampant bullying is resolved, what is Foamy's advice should the administrators threaten the protesting student(s) with suspension?
    "...Let 'em."
  • "Tech Support IV" has Mahmed Udi, after 3 episodes of getting ripped into by Foamy, call him and spin it around for once. Laying into him for 2 minutes of what a dick he is. Foamy for his part can only weakly mock his accent, which he doesn't put up with either.
    Mahmed: Yeah, yeah, my voice is crazy. Have you heard yourself? You are a very squeaky man.

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