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  • The Superbloid. A massive cheat thread that was started to see if the Pro Boards system could handle a topic with over 9000 pages. After a few months, it reached the 9001 mark successfully, despite many of the pages being truncated when someone attempted to move the Superbloid to the ceremonial Memory Lane section.
  • The Guild Wars roleplays have plenty, but the best one by far is a metaexample similar to the Superbloid. Guild Wars II had a total wordcount of roughly 707,000 words—about 10,000 words shy of the combined wordcount of the first five Harry Potter books. When it was being moved to Memory Lane, a glitch caused the entire roleplay to...vanish. Just as people were beginning to accept that one of the forum's greatest masterpieces was gone for good, it was discovered that the whole roleplay was still in the server. By liberal abuse of the forum search function, over the course of a week, nearly the entire roleplay was retrieve and put back together in order. At the end, only three relatively inconsequential posts were unfound—in a thread with a postcount over two thousand.


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