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Awesome / Neko Atsume

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  • Getting a rare cat to show up and seeing them for yourself.
    • It's even better if they give you a memento for just showing up only a few times, like Señor Don Gato giving you a hat after he came over 5 times.
  • Getting Tubbs to sit on the giant cushion rather than gorging on one of your food bowls. Looks like they're not such a Fat Bastard after all!
  • Getting Peaches' memento, due to them being the most uncommonly-appearing cat.
    • Also, catching Peaches the first time they appear in your yard.
  • Whiteshadow is a white cat with blue eyes, which means they're almost certainly deaf. This means that they can't tell if they're making a sound, but they manage to be a fairly successful ninja anyway.
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  • When Lexy or Miss Fortune appears, you know you're going to receive fat wads of fish when they leave. Tubbs too; okay sure they just ate an entire bowl of food you paid for, but if you don't disturb them, they are kind enough to pay you generously for the meal.


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