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  • "I found door number three. And I'm taking it."
    • "Smart fish."
  • Harvey Keitel is always a win; from his Deadpan Snarker wit (i.e. how he reacted upon learning that someone wrote off the tip Ben and Riley tried to give) to his Reasonable Authority Figure personality in both movies, he makes the films transcend their "heist movie" premises to become somewhat pseudo-educational and patriotic.
    Sadusky: Someone's got to go to prison, Ben.
    Ben: Well, if you've got a helicopter, I think I can help with that.
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  • Ben and Riley's scheme to snatch the Declaration was amazing.
    Ben Gates, you are now the Invisible Man.
  • The. Templar. Treasure.
    • Of particular mention are the scrolls from the Library of Alexandria. No matter what they contain, recovering something from the ancient world long thought lost and considered worthy of being kept in a great library would be an utter coup for archaeology, anthropology, and history.
    • To give more detail: After thinking that they had reached a dead end, they suddenly find a mechanism to open a doorway. They enter and the camera zooms out from the four of them, showing that they're standing in a roomful of treasure. The room is not huge, but it's big enough to be impressive for both the audience and the characters. Abigail kneels down and discovers scrolls from the Library of Alexandria; Patrick finds the medallion that was shown in all the Knights Templar flashbacks; Riley finds what appears to be an ancient Egyptian statue. Pretty awesome, right? But then Ben notices an oil reservoir set into a stone newel post; he lights it, and the fire snakes down the railing and into a second room, revealing far more treasure downstairs. The fire just keeps going; by the time everything is illuminated, it turns out they're in a huge chamber the size of an auditorium, full to the brim with treasure.
  • Riley gets one in the sequel when the knowledge he has painstakingly researched in his The Templar Treasure in regards to the President's secret book is proven to be accurate. It's an even better CMOA for him than his surprise revelation in the first about the daylight savings not existing back in the 1700s.
    • Riley taking Ben and Abigail all the way through Buckingham Palace and causing them to "fight" so they restart their relationship again.

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