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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

From the TV series:

  • In the pilot, Rayna telling off her boss after he pressures her to play second fiddle to Juliette. "You can kiss my decision as it's walking out the door."
  • Juliette buying off a photo of Sean from a paparazzi (a picture that wouldn't have affected her at all)
  • Rayna and Juliette's duet, with a song they wrote together. Despite their distaste for each other, they're able to be professional and give an epic performance (which also makes it a real life Moment of Awesome for Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere).
  • Teddy standing up to Lamar when he threatens to expose that Deacon is Maddie's birth father. It's literally the best thing that he's ever done.
  • Gunnar dropping Avery to the floor with three quick punches. And all because Avery looked at Scarlett with derision. It's never clearer that Gunnar respects the living daylights out of Scarlett.
  • Juliette laying down the law to her staff — specifically her soon-to-be-ex-manager. A lot of fury in a tiny frame.
  • Lamar going Papa Wolf on Teddy after the divorce starts. "An oath. Kind of like a vow, isn't it?"
  • Avery burning the masters of the tracks Dominic recorded. He knew he could potentially destroy his career and did it anyway because he wanted to be true to himself.
  • Juliette taking responsibility for the pop-up gig going wrong and resulting in several of her fans getting injured — including Maddie (which got Miss Barnes the third degree from Rayna) — and paying the victims' hospital bills.
  • Deacon telling off Dante after the latter fires Avery. He has no reason to stick up for him since he is no longer dating Scarlett and does it anyway.
  • Jolene killing Dante. Her actions after make it less awesome though.
  • Juliette dedicates a song to her mother at one of her concerts. This from the girl who more or less disowned her mother in the show's opening.
  • Lamar squashing his daughter's attempt to kick him off the board simply by showing up in the room. Suddenly no one wants to turn on him when he's actually there to fight back.
  • Rayna sticking it to her new boss by using a concert he forced her to attend to announce she's forming her own record company.
  • Juliette persuading Charlie Wentworth to rehire a DJ (who likes to perv over young singers) that he fired for belittling her in favour of Layla... and then telling said DJ that if he gets up to his old tricks again she'll have him fired permanently (in addition to getting more airtime for herself). You don't mess around with Miss Barnes.
  • Scarlett delivers a song 'Bazinga' to Juliette. Juliette puts Scarlett down about inserting a quiet but strong song into her set, since she wants to make some noise to generate buzz. Scarlett promptly goes up on stage and tells the crowd '...but I'm the kind of artist that prefers to whisper' and sings the song anyway. And the fight between her and Juliette after. Not only for Scarlett for finally expressing her real feelings about the tour and standing up for herself again, but for Juliette for empathising with her and being big enough not to fire her over it.
  • Juliette's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Charlie and his wife, which actually drives him to a Heel Realization.
  • Jeff has one when he tells Layla that he will drop her if he finds out she leaked a rumor about Juliette to the press. One can only hope he follows through on this.
  • "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right" features back-to-back Moments Of Awesome for Juliette; first by refusing to apologize to the religious bigots who have been wrecking her career (and doing so in musical form to boot), and then after the commercial break giving Jeff a much-deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech telling him that she may have just torched her career, but also took him down a few pegs in the process (as she points out, losing two of his biggest acts in his first six months running a record label - Rayna quit and Juliette was dropped - isn't the smartest thing to do).
    • When she's making her speech to the crowd about refusing to apologise, Avery comes in with the opening chords of 'Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet'. It's basically him punctuating her flipping off the media with music.
    • Concurrent to this, one for Glenn, who tells Jeff he didn't know she'd do it...and if he did, he'd have advised her to a) call Jeff out by name and b) suggest he perform an anatomically impossible bowel function with the TelePrompTer.
  • Teddy prompting Lamar to have a heart attack by informing him it was really his own daughter who betrayed him, then coldly watching him die.
  • Scarlett calling out her mother for a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse, through song.
    • It's the first number we see her do that isn't a sweet love song, but a raw, emotional journey. Just look at the girl's expressions throughout that song, and her last 'I'm not under your spell' is what agony sounds like.
    • Scarlett softly but firmly telling her mother after checking out from rehab that she needs her to go on home. Nashville might revisit it, but for now Scarlett knows that destructive relationship can't be mended, and for once she puts herself first.
  • After Scarlett's breakdown, Gunnar is meeting with Jeff for a publishing deal. Jeff insults Scarlett, and Gunnar promptly turns down the first in he could have had to the music industry, telling Jeff that Scarlett has more talent in her little finger than most do in their entire body and he can stick his publishing deal to boot.
  • There's a point in Season 3's opening when Juliette and Avery are still at odds, and she auditions for a drama to play Patsy Cline. The actor opposite her propositions her off-set, but for once Juliette doesn't jump straight into someone stranger's arms assuming it will fix her problems. Can we just get a round of applause for Miss Barnes?
  • Michelle Obama's guest appearance, introducing a concert at a military base.
  • The season 3 premiere seamlessly incorporating two live performances into the episode.
  • Mario van Peebles' guest spot as Jeff's boss who outright asks him if he has problems with women after managing to lose both Rayna and Juliette as mentioned above.
  • Avery telling off his father, saying that all his overbearing parenting has gotten him is two kids who want nothing to do with him, and he's not going to raise his own kid like that.
  • Scarlett telling off her mother for good after she refuses to donate part of her liver to Deacon, outright calling her a terrible person before coldly saying "You're burning daylight." Also, the fact that Scarlett doesn't look scared and nervous talking to her mother this time around.
  • Deacon's calm intervention. You get the feeling he cuts in then because he doesn't want Scarlett to lose her head and, both awesome and sad, he doesn't blame Beverly for her behaviour. He takes responsibility for what his drinking has done.
  • When Jeff finally crosses Rayna's top Moral Event Horizon by entrapping Maddie into a contract, Rayna responds by marching into the meeting meant to introduce Maddie to the board, exposing all his sordid dealings, and getting his ass canned.
  • Rayna's verbal emasculation of Pete, Sadie's ex. Followed by Sadie finally just shooting him when he comes after her again.
  • Scarlett throwing Gunnar's 'all I felt was music' line back in his face. She's still not convinced he's chasing her for the right reasons, and she's not about to repeat her mistake of getting back with an ex because it seems familiar.
  • Avery chewing Juliette out for trying to make an event about helping kids interested in music all about her.
  • Caleb defying Protagonist-Centered Morality by telling Scarlett everyone else on the donor list has their own loved ones and deserve a shot just as much as Deacon, so he's not going to pull any strings for her.
  • Will finally coming out in "Before You Go Make Sure You Know."
  • Scarlett letting Deacon have it in "Stop The World (And Let Me Off)" for his behaviour after Scarlett turned off Beverly's life support.
  • Whatever his reasons, Jeff gets one for saving Juliette from jumping off a roof in "Please Help Me, I'm Fallin'"... even if it becomes a Dying Moment of Awesome for him.
  • Emily gets one in "We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove" when she lays this little truth bomb on Avery, who doesn't want his mentally ill wife Juliette to see Cadence - "Get a divorce. Move to a desert island. You never have to see her again. But Juliette was, is, and always will be Cadence's mother. And there's not a legal document in the world that can change that." He does change his mind, by the way.
  • Will standing up to Cynthia Davis, a Fox News-esque host, by saying she (and all other bigots) are merely afraid, and that there's nothing to be afraid of.