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  • Nearly all the boss fights with QTEs are this, being even more epic than the bosses from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the previous Storm game with bosses in it, which is saying a lot. There's also a bit of Asura's Wrath influence here, including a lot more of the QTE's being optional to press this time around and even more done in-sync with onscreen actions than before too, which increases the awesomeness.
    • Minato vs. The Masked Man, especially during the legend path, which get you to directly attack The Masked Man. Minato deals some damage to him, and the battle switch to Hiruzen. After Hiruzen manage to drive Nine-Tails off the village, we get back to Minato as he seals the summoning pact linking Nine-Tails and The Masked Man and the battle resumes. As the battle starts a QTE lets you use The Flying Rajin: Level 2 as Minato slams his opponent on the ground with a Rasengan. This moment was pure awesome in the anime, but playing it takes it Up to Eleven.
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    • Or Choza's moment in the Hero path (going to take care of the village) when he uses his Super Expansion jutsu to grow to the size of the Nine-Tails, at which point he sumo-tosses the monster halfway across the village.
    • Another part during the Nine-Tails battle where, coordinated by Inoichi, Hiruzen leads the entirety of Konoha in mass-casting the Great Fireball Technique, resulting in a humongous wall of hundreds and hundreds of fireballs that slam into the beast en masse, actually blasting it back a considerable distance.
    • Naruto vs. Sasuke, all of it! From the Heartwarming Moments to the pure epic fight. You can even choose which flashback you'd rather have "Valley of the End" or "Reunion in Orochimaru's Lair."
    • In the Legend path of "Threat of the Seven Swordsmen", you get to fight six of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist all at once. Dual Boss not enough for you? How about Sextuple Boss! The Enemy Scans you get from your allies as the Swordsmen break out their signature moves makes it all the more awesome. And you finish off each one individually with Guy's Ultimate! Then you get Kakashi vs. Zabuza immediately afterward.
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    • Okay, so you're introduced to playing as Darui like this: he has to single-handedly fight his way to the Sixth Division before they're wiped out by Kinkaku and Ginkaku. One of the enemies in his way is Kakuzu, yes, the former Akatsuki member and resident That One Boss of Storm 2. He's reduced to just a distraction, and Darui Curb-Stomps him. Then, he fights the brothers themselves, and not only manages to take them both out at once, but tricks them into sealing themselves inside their own literal Soul Jar. And then you unlock him for Vs. Mode. If it wasn't obvious, this guy is badass.
    • The Five Kages vs. Edo!Madara. All of it. From Madara using Mokuton to raise their battlefield into the sky, then setting it on fire, to bringing out his Susanoo, this fight is amazing from beginning to end. Special mention goes to the Five Kages using their abilities in tandem to shatter Madara's Susanoo.
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    • All of these absolutely pale in comparison to the final boss fight. Especially the Legend choice, where you fight all six Jinchuuriki with Bee, which is HARD and FUN! Then, you fight their Bijuu forms, two at a time, with you occasionally landing hits on Tobi, as well as Kurama flashing back to the awesome moments in Naruto's past. The QTEs are there too, but they're what you'd expect...until the end that is, but we'll get to that later. Then, you go Bijuu mode yourself and take on the others one by one. Then, Naruto, with little chakra and a worn-out Kurama, fights Tobi one last time. Eventually, fresh out of chakra, Naruto takes Tobi by surprise and punches him so hard that it shattered Tobi's mask and the ground that they're standing on! The secret factor makes it even better.
    • If you choose the Legend Path, you must ultimately take down a total of 60 health bars.
    • Of course, the DLC boss fight Uchiha Brothers vs. Sage Kabuto is this, for Sasuke, Itachi and Kabuto. Kabuto being upgraded to SNK Boss does help of course.
  • Storyline example: Sakura being a Guile Heroine in Chapter 2. First, she plans to knock out her teammates with sleeping gas so she can take on Sasuke herself. Sai finds out, and a fight ensues... after which she puts everyone to sleep anyway. (Yes, you get to play the winning side of a Heads I Win, Tails You Lose) She then resolves to Shoot the Dog when it comes to Sasuke despite their emotional history, and, upon meeting him, feigns defection from the Leaf to lull him into a false sense of security. This fails only due to Sasuke pulling an unexpected If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten, but she fights Sasuke anyway (yes, Sakura Haruno actually gets a proper fight for once), unintentionally saving Karin's life. Then, even after Kakashi intervenes, she takes advantage of his distraction and comes within inches of actually stabbing Sasuke in the back. Sakura may have a bad reputation in the fandom, but you've got to give her credit for this at least. The girl certainly tries.



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