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  • Her match against Serena Deeb in the FCW Divas Championship finals. Especially awesome as Naomi won, taking home the proverbial crown as the first FCW Divas Champion!
  • Naomi's match against Paige on the 6/17/2014 episode of Main Event. Not only did Naomi beat the WWE Divas Champion, the fight was better than many recent Diva matches and Naomi really got to shine. Some particularly good moments were when she and Paige mirrored each other perfectly: at one point, they knocked each other to the ground at the same time and then flipped up to their feet in opposite directions, in perfect synch, garnering applause from the crowd. After the match, Paige even congratulated Naomi on her work.
  • Her excellent match against Alicia Fox on the September 25, 2014 Superstars
  • The first promo she cut after her Face–Heel Turn, in an interview with Byron Saxton. Naomi's mic skills have been held as her greatest weakpoint and were usually used by her detractors to justify why she shouldn't get a big push or become Divas Champion just yet. Up to that night, said detractors were getting increasingly vocal, as it seemed like both of those things were happening. Naomi delivered her character so well in her interview that not only did it thrill her fans, it won the hearts of pretty much all her nay-sayers, starting her heel run off with a bang.
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  • Anytime she takes on the role of the only sane person on Total Divas and lays down a dose of firm yet good-hearted truth on someone counts.
  • Her new entrance as of August 2016. It's lit.
  • She makes her return in 2017 and gives Alexa Bliss a Shut Up, Hannibal! and Badass Boast altogether.
    "Who am I? I'll show you exactly who I am. Why don't you step through those ropes? Girl, I will snatch that blonde hair bald!"
  • Elimination Chamber 2017: After six long years, Naomi pins Alexa Bliss to finally become champion. The crowd showers her with "You deserve it!" chants during her post-match interview with Renee Young.
    • Sadly doubles as a Tear Jerker due to the fact that just two weeks later she would have to vacate the title due to suffering an injury in the same match that would keep her from defending the belt at Wrestlemania. In her home town.
    • And then goes BACK to awesome since she was able to win back the title at WrestleMania.
  • Royal Rumble 2018: Just as Nia Jax threw Naomi over the top rope during the Royal Rumble match to eliminate her, she instead landed on other women at ringside and eventually a barricade. How does she return to the ring without being eliminated? By borrowing Maria Menounos' office chair and crawling her way back to the ring with her hands and eventually landing on the steel steps a la Kofi Kingston.
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  • Naomi won the inaugural women's Wrestlemania battle royal at Wrestlemania 34. She eliminated Bayley (who thought she won after eliminating Sasha Banks), therefore making Naomi win two consecutive Wrestlemania matches.
  • Both times Naomi beat Alexa Bliss for the Smack Down Women's Championship. The first is notable for Naomi busting out a goddamn split-legged moonsault to deliver the final blow, while the second doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, since she not only won back the title after vacating it due to injury, but did so at WrestleMania in her hometown.


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