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  • In "Random on Purpose", Abby is seconds away from being chopped into pieces. Sam and Callen are standing above the room, at a skylight. They conclude that they can't jump down there safely. So, what do they do? Lower Callen in on a fire hose to shoot the bastard holding the axe.
  • "You're not traceless. You've got my teeth marks in your finger, you creep!"
  • The team convincing a militia that they had an entire army upon them, when it was just 4 people, tops. Hetty's move with the F-22s is the kicker.
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  • Callen pulling a Fake Kill Scare on an uncooperative suspect by "drowning" another suspect who is actually an undercover agent.
  • Kensi and Deeks combine to get one in "Deliverance" by getting Kensi out of the room full of lasers using balance and what's in Deeks' pocket. Followed up by one for the entire team at the end of the episode when they ambush Matthias the hinky CIA agent in his car, and make it clear that if anything happens to Hetty the team will be coming after him. And come season 6, the team intends to go through with that promise. Just as awesome that they remembered it after four years.
  • Four words: "I broke the internet."
  • In "Personal", Deeks, after two conversations, pranking Kensi and flirting with the nurse, clocks the fact that they probably haven't caught the person who shot him, knows that there's something wrong with whatever happened to him and it probably wasn't a simple robbery. Not quite a Sherlock Scan, but Kensi checked the nurse's badge against her face, meaning heightened security and she was expecting someone to come after him again. Kensi confirms all of these things by telling him he had been targeted. Even more awesome, without the assistance of Erik and the team, Deeks is the one who solves his own case from his hospital bed. After a few conversations about being more security conscious and the make and model of the gun. Deeks figures out that he was targeted to draw out the team. With that information, Kensi takes off to help Sam and Callen, even though Deeks tells her to wait, because he was still going through the facts. The people who shot him were at the hospital, so they weren't after Sam or Callen, but Kensi, who has just left the security of the hospital guard and run into the suspects. While she gains a bit of time fighting them off. Deeks comes to her rescue and shoots the suspect with the gun, so she can finish the job and kill the other two suspects...after being in shot twice, the subsequent surgery, spending the day going over his old enemies, and almost no recovery time... because they were going after his partner.
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  • An underrated one during "Descent" and "Ascension" for Deeks. First Deeks saves Sam from drowning after his cover is blown. Then he is put through what is arguably one of the most horrific Cold-Blooded Torture segments in the history of live-action TV in order to protect Sam's wife, who's undercover, and he doesn't break. Even Sam, who before didn't think much of Deeks, was impressed.
  • Both a Moment of Awesome and a Funny Moment at the same time, following up the idea that Deeks needed to improve his personal security from "Personal" Sam stakes out Deeks the first day he's supposed to come back. Deeks never showed and Sam's late to work. Since Deeks is missing, they decide to call him. And his phone Sam's bag. Deeks walks in, picks up his phone out of Sam's hand and...
    Deeks: That'd be for me.
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  • In the Season Three premiere, "Lange, H.", the team storms the crime family's house to rescue Hetty and completely curbstomp the guards.
  • Agent Callen, not willing to let the Chameleon go free, kills the guy in cold blood. On live TV. He gets arrested for it. But the bastard had it coming. Made even more amazing when it's revealed, in the season premiere, that it was all part of a massive Batman Gambit by the LA crew that even SECNNAV wasn't privy to!
  • Nell gets held hostage by an elite trainer of special operations soldiers. In one move, she steals the magazine out of his rifle and hits the dirt, simultaneously depriving her captor of his meat shield and his ability to defend himself from her enraged teammates.
  • Meta example - Ernie Reyes Jr., Chris O'Donnell, and LL Cool J did all of their stunts for an insane Sayoc choreographed three person fight. In record filming time; they nailed it on the first take.
  • G, Sam and Deeks' attempt to extract a confession from a crooked CIA agent by pretending to fake the crash landing of a private airplane.
    Banks: What the hell is this?
    G: This... is about to be a tragic aviation accident, killing everyone onboard.
    Sam: Except they're going to recover one body - yours. Yeah. Autopilot's gonna disengage in about 2 minutes and the plane's gonna crash.
    Deeks: Feel free to use your seat as a floatation device in the event of a water landing.
    G: This will be a water landing.
    Sam: Splash.
    Banks: I knew I couldn't trust that bastard. That Romanian bastard... How much is he paying you guys? I'll double it.
    G: With what? He's paying us out of your cut, genius.
  • With Kensi overseas on assignment, Nell is filling in as Deeks' partner in the field. At the end of "Merry Evasion" she is tasked with getting hired muscle out of the way so Callen can tackle the bad guy. She walks right up behind the guy *at least twice her size*, sticks her gun in his back and without missing a beat tells if he moves, she shoots. Next shot of the guy has Nell calmly slapping on the cuffs.
  • Afghan immigrant and hopeful future American citizen Ehsan Navid in "Allegiance". After helping the team track down and identify two suicide bombers infiltrating a naturalization ceremony he's told to leave the building for his own safety. Instead he stays, stepping in to hold onto one bomber's dead-man switch so that Sam has both hands free to disarm the bomb before it explodes. At the end of the episode he's rewarded with his own private naturalization ceremony.
    • And as of Season 11, Ehsan is now a married-with-kids NCIS agent himself!
  • G incapacitating a potential terror suspect and pretending that he's a German-speaking doctor to avoid suspicion.
  • "War Cries." Even thought she came very close to being Curb Stomped, Nell went down fighting. She got at least 3 deep cuts in on her attacker, to the point where it looked like it was a race between him bleeding out and her passing out from the chokehold he had her in. (She was staying with what they thought was a witness at the boathouse. He turned out to be the Bad Guy.) With the team arriving at that point, he ended up going to the hospital.
  • In "The Third Choir", when Matthias aims a gun at Hetty, she calmly tells her agents that he is wearing a vest and go for headshots only. CMOA because Hetty is confident that her people will succeed and kill him. No wonder Matthias surrenders.
  • Both a Moment of Awesome and a Heartwarming Moment in "Black Budget", Granger coming in and taking out three Delta impostors that were close to killing Callen and Sam. Heartwarming because it shows just how much Granger cares for his people - he personally went down to Mexico to follow up a lead in order to protect Sam and Callen.
  • In season 6's "SEAL Hunter", Sam Curb Stomps his doppelganger, who framed him for murder, in a fistfight after disarming himself of everything. In fact, he spends the whole fight toying with his opponent. Sam even offers him a weapon, not that it does any good. And this is after Sam takes a bullet to the chest, which, even with his bulletproof vest protecting him, still hurts like hell. To put it in perspective, by the end of the fight, the doppleganger's in tears and pathetically apologising between sobs.
  • The awesome Gurkha fight near the end of "Expiration Date", once again courtesy of the aforementioned Ernie Reyes Jr.
  • The Villain of the Week in "Citadel" is a Smug Snake CEO armed with the "HL-7 test": a psychological evaluation that can tell you everything you need to know about a potential asset (and how to manipulate them into doing your bidding). When she's confronted at the end of the episode, she tries to blackmail Hetty with her own HL-7 file, and is outplayed in a way she never could have seen coming:
    Hetty: All those years, administering that silly test... did you ever wonder what the "H.L." stood for?
  • In "Unlocked Mind", Deeks fought off multiple cultists on his own while trying to extract David Ramsey, a former government employee and succeeded. Bonus for Ramsey attacking one of the cultists with a can of soda.
  • At the end of "Core Values", Sam and Callen partially disable a bomb that was placed under a nuclear reactor's cooling tank. The Villain of the Week, then activates the bomb, causing Callen and Sam to run out of the room. As they run in, a man in an armored suit runs into the room and jumps on the bomb, blocking the explosion with his body. Callen and Sam are shocked when they pull off the man's helmet to find Owen Granger.
  • In "High-Value Target", Sam taking down a terrorist/arsonist while his leg is on fire. Combine that with the "SEAL Hunter" beatdown mentioned above, and it's clear that Sam is damn near impervious to damage.
  • Hetty's Batman Gambit in "Under Siege", getting the CIA agents behind the mole in the agency to confess; bonus points for tricking them into locking her in the only safe place in the building, before triggering a bomb, leaving her unharmed.
  • "Payback":
    • Deeks rescuing Kensi by shooting CIA Officer Fisher in the head twice. And before Fisher could even finish warning him to back away or he would hurt Kensi.
      • Bonus points because when they were in a similar situation a few years earlier, Deeks hesitated to take the shot out of fear that he might hit Kensi, thus allowing a suspect to escape and almost creating a rift between them. This time, Deeks doesn't hesitate; he just shoots the bastard and saves Kensi.
      • Lampshaded by Kensi moments later:
      Kensi: Wow. Double-tap to the head. You must really love me.
    • Hetty figuring out Callen's ex-girlfriend Joelle is actually a CIA Officer. When Joelle has Hetty at gunpoint and says she'll take good care of Callen, Hetty tells her that Callen's already moved on from her. You can tell from Joelle's face that comment burned. Followed by Rear Admiral (retired) A.J. Chegweddin clocking Joelle with an oar.
  • "Getaway": Eric and Nell are pursuing a suspect in a car, when the car nearly runs over them. Eric pulls Nell out of the way, pushes her to the ground, and shoots the gas tank, causing the car to explode. And then Nell and Eric finally kiss on screen. Followed by Kensi and Deeks showing up and filming it on his phone.
  • "Unleashed": After years of being an utterly reprehensible monster and an episode after murdering Michelle Hanna, Tahir Khaled finally dies. With Khaled wearing a suicide vest and handcuffing himself to Sam, Callen fires at Khaled's wrist, giving Sam a chance to sever Khaled's hand from his wrist, allowing Sam and Callen to escape the bus Sam and Khaled were in before the suicide vest goes off. Tahir Khaled died screaming in agony, and he deserved every minute of it.
  • The SEAL team from "Vengeance" rescuing two American hostages in Pakistan. All the more so because they're told that they may have been compromised, but they go in anyway.
  • "Goodbye, Vietnam": Callen and his team rescuing Hetty from Vietnam. Bonus points as Hetty feeds her sadistic captor to his own man-eating tiger.
  • "Til Death Do Us Part": Anyone can make a return for a wedding. But only Hetty Lange can do it by driving a taxi cab right through a house to knock down a gunman about to shoot her team.
    • Kensi kicks ass and takes names in her wedding dress and heels.


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