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General Rules: If you are involved in the RP, do not submit CMoAs for your own character, those are for others to decide. Try to keep CMoAs down to the original meaning; the moment where the character established themselves as awesome. Sometimes it's possible for the stakes to be raised and for a character to re-establish themselves, but it should be a significant moment rather than "that one awesome thing that I remember".



     Mythril Aces Original 


Piper Lee

  • Weaponizing her frame's oil-spewing damaged leg.

Minor Characters

  • The Spitfires sieging Fort Purgatory, outnumbered, and heavily beaten, with several close to to death by the time the Knights arrived, proved they were more than red shirts. When the Knights were cornered by some remaining Federation Soldiers, the Spitfires sprang into action killing all but one of the remaining frames, and destroying two of the (un-damaged) Anti-Air turrets. They were even given dialog and names to reward their bravery.

     Mythril Aces Aeris Gaiden 

     Mythril Aces (Re)Union 

     Mythril Aces Fiction/Spin Offs 


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