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Because mythology and folklore are the predecessors of modern fiction, they deserve to have their own page of ass-kicking, not shunted onto some "other" page.

  • Any time Cuchulainn appears in Celtic mythology, he gets one of these, but possibly his crowning Moment of Awesome is taking out an entire army. All by himself. And SUCCEEDING.
  • Huitzilopochtli sprung from his dying mother's womb, dressed in full battle regalia, then proceeded to behead and then dismember his older sister (who killed said mother), and lobbed her head into the sky, creating the moon. He then repeated the process on his four hundred other siblings, creating the stars (either he diced them into smaller chunks or improved his throw). Yeah, the Aztecs didn't just worship ANY god.
  • Empress Jinguu of Japan, due to her husband's stupidity, had to conquer Korea in his place. While pregnant. What did she do? She tied her belly up in a particular way as to prolong the pregnancy and personally led her armies into battle, then had her child after the war.
  • Moses, parting the Red Sea.
  • In The Kalevala:
    • World being created from seven eggs of a goldeneye - six of gold, one of iron
    • The Giant Oak, growing from Earth to Heaven, blinding the Sun, Moon and stars
      • ... and a dwarf clad on bronze lamellar armour arises from sea, and fells the oak with just three axe blows
      • the felled trunk of the oak becomes Finland
    • Väinämöinen, the greatest sage of all
      • ... who sings Joukahainen, a cocky upstart, into marsh
      • ... who catches the Giant Pike bare-handed Pikes can be nastier and more vicious than sharks.
      • ... who makes a kantele (traditional Finnish dulcimer-like instrument) out of its jawbone
      • ... and whose music is so bespelling that the whole nature stops and listens to it
      • ... and who is also one of the greatest swordsmen and war leaders of the era
      • ... and a very accomplished sailor as well
    • Ilmarinen, the greatest engineer of all
      • ... who makes Sampo, the miracle mill, which grinds out material prosperity from trivial feedstocks
      • ... and a robot wife after his old wife gets killed
    • Lemminkäinen, the Chick Magnet
      • ... and an accomplished warrior
      • ... who kills the Master of North by driving a viper through him
    • Mother of Lemminkäinen, who rakes the pieces of his body from the Stream of Death
      • and sews him back in to one piece
      • ... bringing him back alive
    • Marjatta, who becomes pregnant from eating a lingonberry
      • ... and whose newborn son is fully able to speak and prophetize at age of two weeks
      • ... and which wins Väinämöinen on a debate
      • ... and which is divinely destined to become the King of Karelia