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Awesome / Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

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  • In a Deleted Scene, Mike is slowly suffocating because the air supply has been cut off and the bots save him in the most awesome way possible. First of all Crow lifts a freaking ten ton molybdenum rod to save him, while Tom flies (not hovers, flies — he hurls himself across the room), all ending with Gypsy giving Mike mouth to mouth.
    • Only compounded by the fact that the only copies of this scene widely available were recorded off a screen at a convention. At the point Servo takes flight (screaming "I'M COMIIIING!"), the entire room explodes into wild cheering and applause.
    • And some jackass movie executive told The Brains to cut this scene out, despite all the hard work that had been put into it.
  • Heckling the credits adds a new layer of metafiction to the usual Mystery Science Theater 3000 format. No movie shall be spared... not even their own.
    Crow (indignantly): "Puppet wrangler"?! There weren't any puppets in this movie!


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