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The music of our friendship survives!

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

  • It seems that the movie has redeemed the spin-off in the eyes of the fans, with even people who didn't like the original film that much saying they liked it.
  • They may be evil, but Adagio and her friends can really sing well, with the help of the gems they wear at least. No question why the rest of the school falls under their discording spell.
  • The animation has improved from the last film, and the Villain Song clip is a good example. The second full clip, showing Adagio and her friends reacting to the events of the end of the first film, has a lot of new animations that veer off the standard animations for the humanized characters.
  • "Under Our Spell" was already well-received as a good song, but the sequence to go along with it, a montage of the bands competing (with the various bands literally blowing their competition away) and the Rainbooms getting more irritated with each other as Twilight panics trying to write a song, is commonly cited as one of the best scenes of the film. The music and the visuals are amazing and really show the Animation Bump this film got.
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  • The Rainbooms aren't slouches in the music department either, "Better Than Ever" is pretty impressive.
  • Pony Pinkie Pie figuring out that if the magic book can send messages between the worlds, then the worlds are still connected. She also understands Twilight's explanation on how she reopened the portal and turns it into Layman's Terms.
  • In the cafeteria scene that leads into "Battle of the Bands", we see, for the very first time, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody in the same shot. They're not together, per se, but it's enough to send any hardcore brony into shivers of glee. The same bronies would likely react the same way to Bon Bon and Lyra doing a duet together.
  • Much like the CMC in "The Show Stoppers", the Humane Six really deserve some credit for making it through the entirety of "Shake Your Tail!" without missing a single beat, despite the chaos unfolding during the set.
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  • Vinyl Scratch's Big Damn Heroes moment at the climax of the film. Unaffected by the Dazzlings thanks to her headphones, she helps Spike to free Twilight, Sunset and the Humane Five and provides the mother of all sound systems. Even better, said sound system transformed from her convertible. And then she pulls out the BASS CANNON!!
  • You have to give Adagio Dazzle credit, as she is the first villain to No-Sell the power of friendship. While Aria and Sonata go down, Adagio simply blocks Twilight's attack with a sonic scream, and with the help of the other two knocks the entire Mane Six to the floor during their big power up.
  • Sunset Shimmer takes part in the Rainbooms' performance at the end of the film and, instead of taking on her demonic form from the end of the last film, she transforms into a pony form closer to that of her friends, and helps to deal the killing blow to the Dazzling's plans. Her Heel–Face Turn is complete.
    • In addition, not only does she help them, but this comes after spending the entire film being hated by the school, publicly humiliated several times, and being an outsider to the Humane Six. What are the first words she sings when she steps up? "You're never gonna bring me down / you're never gonna break this part of me". Sunset has endured mental anguish that would break some real life high school students beyond repair (maybe even to the point of being Driven to Suicide) and still stands strong when her friends need her. Even more notable is that when she sings "not doing this just for popularity," referencing her previous conversation with the Dazzlings when they tried to demoralize her. The Dazzlings apparently get the reference, and as their glare shows, are not amused.
    • In fact, a very subtle aspect is that throughout the film, Sunset seems to want to be part of the Rainbooms but is afraid to ask — her look of disappointment when Rarity immediately asks Twilight to be the lead singer speaks volumes. And then at the final battle, when Twilight calls out to her to help, there's just that moment of hesitation before she brings out her song. All culminating with the Humane Five readily accepting her into the band before Twilight goes back (as long as she doesn't take away Rainbow Dash's spotlight...)
    • Also after mostly keeping to herself throughout the movie, she finally spoke up and stopped the Humane Six's arguments when she realized the truth of the Dazzling's Evil Plan.
  • At the end of her transformation, Sunset poses with her hand on her hip and a cocky smirk. At first it seems completely out of character for her given her personality in the rest of the film, but it could actually represent her breaking out of her depressed state and finally being able to be her real self again while reconciling with her redemption and character development. That's right — she's back!
  • The friendship rainbow (with added Sunset power) turning into a GIANT SKY ALICORN to destroy the Dazzling's Siren avatars. Plus the whole beam fight that preceded it being comparable to super-powered Twilight vs. Tirek in terms of badassery.
  • Heck, how about the fact the heroes new Super Mode actually let's them freaking fight supernatural baddies head on. Yeah, the Dazzlings start overpowering them, but the heroes still are able to fight back with actual magic attacks! Considering the new rainbow markings, if that's what Rainbow Power can do, we might be in for a treat in season 5...
  • For some fans, the Dazzlings' appearances post Transformation Sequence are utterly magnificent.
  • The whole final battle sequence, for the producers. One complaint about the original EQG was not having much of a 'final battle,' so this ends with a showdown that can stand in the ring with Twilight vs. Tirek in the S4 finale, which was the previous story. Transformation Sequences, siren avatars full-on attacking and the Rainbooms fighting back with Magic Music-powered Magical Girl type attacks as the Bassmobile amplified their song to Make Me Wanna Shout levels! Each moment of the final battle out-awesomed the last leading up to the kicker, the giant alicorn avatar... duuuuude.
    • This entire battle sequence to this trooper reminds them of a Jojo Stand Battle
  • In The Stinger, not only do we get to see Human Twilight, but she's put together a ton of evidence to discover what's been happening at Canterlot High.
  • Twilight's role in the whole film is a nicely subtle indication of how much she's now earned her princesshood. Pony Celestia never appears, because Twilight is now fully capable of solving her problems on her own. And then at the end she becomes a similar mentor to Sunset Shimmer.


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