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Awesome / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)

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Canterlot Wondercolts, help her win the crown!
  • The. Opening. Title. Sequence: It's a remix of the MLP theme song with images very reminiscent of the PMVs the fandom makes! To quote Youtube commenter 2007excalibur2007 in this video:
    So lemme get this straight...
    Intro sequence is reminiscent to that of fandom PMVs.
    Remixed opening theme sounds like the type of remix that the fandom would make.
    They've been learning from us. :D
  • The opening chase has a small but impressive show of magic from Sunset Shimmer — Twilight teleports in front of her to stop her as they run down the hall, only for Sunset to teleport herself, not only evading Twilight but also causing her cloak to fly forward and into Twilight's face as she reappears behind her and keeps running. Keep in mind that the only other ponies we've ever seen magically teleporting prior to this have been Twilight herself and Celestia, implying that it's a fairly advanced spell. Doubles as a Call-Back to Twilight's confrontation with Nightmare Moon in the series premiere, demonstrating early on that Sunset is her Evil Counterpart Foil.
    • Note that Sunset hasn't been back to Equestria in years and consequently hasn't had access to her own unicorn magic in that time either.
  • The initial confrontation between Twilight and Sunset in the human world. She might be new to the school and she might be awkwardly trying to get used to her new human body, but no one is bullying anyone on Twilight's watch, especially Fluttershy. Not even someone with as much control over the school as Sunset.
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  • Human Applejack, a high school upperclassman, uncapping a bottle of apple cider with her teeth.
  • When Sunset Shimmer gives Twilight Sparkle a Sadistic Choice of going home and giving Sunset the crown or being stuck in the human world forever, Twilight chooses the human world over Equestria. While Twilight will be sad that she won't get to see her friends and everypony she cares about in Equestria, she has complete faith in them being able to protect Equestria without her or her Element of Magic. If she leaves the human world, however, Sunset Shimmer would go completely unopposed with the power of the Element of Magic just as she had without magic for years. She'd rather sacrifice her happiness with her pony friends if it means stopping Sunset from having her way.
  • An easily-missed one for Human Rainbow Dash: when Snips and Snails are turned into demons, her response is to put up her fists and get ready for a throw-down.
  • The final showdown between Sunset Shimmer, Twilight, and the alternate mane six. Even some of the less enthusiastic viewers thought it was awesome.
    • And of course, Twilight delivering an epic Kirk Summation to her, reminding her what most the villains of the show always seem to forget:
    Twilight: Together with the crown, they create a power beyond anything you can imagine, for it is a power you aren't able to control! The crown may be upon your head Sunset Shimmer, but you cannot wield it, because you don't possess the most powerful magic of all; the magic of friendship!
    • And culminates with Twilight making this simple but profound statement.
    Here and in Equestria it's the only magic that can truly unite us all!
  • If you wait until the very end of the credits, you'll see human Derpy Hooves dancing. Eating a muffin and all!

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