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All "Moments" pages are Spoilers Off, so unmarked spoilers below!

  • The beginning scene where All Might and David work together to take down a pair of villains, including All Might throwing multiple missiles off course with a single punch before using a California Smash to slam the villains into the ground. This is the first time we get to see Toshinori fighting crime in his prime.
  • Everything about Mineta scaling the vent is hilarious and awesome at the same time.
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  • When Melissa and Midoriya were blown away and miss the ladder they were going for, Todoroki immediately plans to save them, having Bakugo break down a fan and then using his flames to create hot air to propel them to another exit. Despite screaming about getting ordered, Bakugo does it without hesitation, and Todoroki is showing more willingness to use his fire powers to save others.
  • Izuku taking down two mooks in a stairway while they're firing machine guns at him.
  • Kirishima is mostly the comic relief of the movie, but he gets a awesome moment before Bakugo and Todoroki fight the villains Elite Mooks. The Brute of the two attacks Bakugo head on before he can see it, yet Kirishima is able to react fast enough to not only block the attack, but use his Quirk to tank it before being knocked into the wall. Considering how surprised Bakugo was by the attack, the fact that Kirishima was able to block it is impressive.
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  • Bakugo and Todoroki get to take out two of the Elite Mooks in epic fashion. Bakugo whips out his most powerful attack, Howitzer Impact, and one-shots the physically stronger villain with ease. Meanwhile, the other villain tries to attack Bakugo as he is recovering, only instead he ends up missing, causing Bakugo's sweat to land on him. Todoroki uses the opportunity to use his fire side to then blow up the villain using Bakugo's sweat as a source for the explosion.
  • A villain named Swordkil has Deku hanging from the edge of the tower, and is about to make him fall to his doom. Melissa, who is completely Quirkless, boldly leaps at the villain while yelling at him to stop, which doesn't do much by itself but does distract him long enough for Deku to climb back up and punch him in the face. Although Melissa gets injured by the villain in the process, she rejects Deku's apologies and tells him to thank her instead.
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  • Wolfram himself gets such a moment: after donning the Quirk-enhancing headgear, he becomes so powerful that he can more than match All Might's power. He demonstrates this by crushing him between two big metal cubes, then smashing more cubes against it, then finishing things off by stabbing through the resulting sphere with several giant metal spikes.
  • All Might maintaining his muscle form for so long while restrained is impressive in and of itself, especially seeing how visibly straining it is for him. It gets taken a step further during the climax, where despite the extreme taxation on his body, All Might still finds the resolve to not let "something as stupid as a limit" stop him from giving him his all and more into the fight. PLUS ULTRA, indeed.
  • Unlike in the USJ battle, All Might's Carolina Smash is seen in its full power and glory during the final fight.
  • All Might and Midoriya teaming up to defeat Wolfram, which culminates in the DOUBLE DETROIT SMASH!, an attack so powerful it can completely destroy Wolfram's GIGANTIC metal cube before taking down the villain once and for all. All of this is accompanied by the triumphant return of "You Say Run", which had been absent for the entirety of season 3.
    • All the while, teacher and student are both Finishing Each Other's Sentences as they proclaim what it truly means to be a hero.
      All Might: To overcome the crisis in front of you...
      Izuku: With everything you got...
      All Might: And save people...
      Izuku: With everything you got!
      All Might: That's what makes...
      Izuku: A HERO!
      Both: Double DETROIT SMASH!
      Izuku: [after smashing through the giant projectile powerful enough to level the 200 story tower] Go...
      All Might: Beyond...
      Both: [both strike an Asskicking Pose] PLUS ULTRA! [rush in at the same time for the finishing blow]
  • Melissa is glad that everyone is safe and sound after the trying events of the night, thanking Izuku for saving the day. Then he thanks her for giving him the Full Gauntlet and fixing the security system, as she saved him in turn. Just as her father and All Might said, she became the hero who saves other heroes with her inventions.


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