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  • For the team. After 5 years of asking and back and forth arguments between the fandom with very little word from the official team, and as of January 22nd 2016, alternate skintones have finally been added to the game. There are many players now who are proud to show pictures of their candy looking more like them.
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  • On episode 35, On Armin's path. When Charlotte tries avoid being punished for blackmailing Iris, she tries to blackmail back Candy and Armin with telling everyone that they're a couple, knowing that they're trying to keep it secret, the happy couple holds hands. Charlotte is horrified to found that her words didn't had an effect on them and her only response is to run away from them, as if they're going to attack her.
  • More generally in episode 35, you, Armin, and possibly your boyfriend all teaming up to help Iris. It's especially cool if you choose to physically fight the stalker.

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