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  • The intro, a.k.a. the "Battle of Armageddon", is quite possibly the most epic thing about the entire game. All of your favorite Mortal Kombat characters, fighting in the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, with an epic score, great fight choreography and excitement building with each passing second? It literally has to be seen to be believed.
    • The moment Shang Tsung thinks he's alone on the pyramid, only to realize Liu Kang, the man he murdered two games earlier, is standing behind him deserves to be mentioned.
    At the apex of destruction alliances will be broken, and old hatreds will be revived.
    • The moments prior to that are just as notable. Shang Tsung, a character known for being a Dirty Coward and generally losing more fights than he wins, comes out of nowhere and starts wiping out several characters on his own. Including distracting Shao Kahn away from the Pyramid with a small appearance of Onaga.
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    • There is also when Shang Tsung is inches away from the top, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Liu Kang using his shackles. In gameplay, we don't see zombie Liu Kang ever use them, but he uses them to terrific effect here in a memorable last shot with Shang Tsung's power draining away before the reveal of Blaze.
  • The fact that in the end, The Good Guys Always Win is brutally defied with Shao Kahn finally claiming victory, after several Earthrealm invasions and more.
  • Some of the non-canon endings are pretty awesome:
    • In Sonya's ending, she burns Kano to ashes.
    • In Liu Kang's ending, he is restored to life and defeats Dark Raiden. With the consent of the Elder Gods, he takes Raiden's place as Protector God of Earthrealm.
    • In Noob Saibot's ending, he fights his previous reincarnation of Sub-Zero. When they realize they are evenly matched, they decide to fuse together instead. What emerges is a being that was neither Noob Saibot or Sub-Zero, but something new...
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    • In Sareena's ending she gains the power to control cold just like the Sub-Zero. She uses this power to freeze Quan Chi solid.
    • Li Mei uses her new powers to imprison Shang Tsung and Quan Chi in an obelisk where they must fend off wave after wave of aggressors as retribution for what they did to her and her people.
    • Cyrax is reverted back to human form. He and Sub-Zero defeat and capture Sektor and Smoke with the intention of restoring them to human in the future.
    • Goro attains the power of Blaze causing Shao Kahn, Onaga, Quan Chi and Shnag Tsung to attack. Goro uses his new powers to summon an army of Shokan that slaughters them all.
    • Empowered by Blaze's energies, Kabal challenges Mavado to a duel of hookswords which Kabal wins. Mavado commits hara-kiri and Kabal holds his severed head atop the pyramid to show the superiority of the Black Dragon.
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    • Bo' Rai Cho is granted the position of Protector God of Outworld for his goodness and skill.
    • In Daegon's ending, he kills Blaze while the fire elemental is fighting Taven. This turns out to be his undoing; the pyramid opens up and reveals that their parents, Argus and Delia, had in fact faked their death and were using this as a Secret Test of Character for their sons. Taven takes Argus's palce as Protector God of Edenia while Daegon is punished for his crimes.
    • In Sindel's ending, she restores her husband Jerrod to life and the two along with their daughter Kitana, form the Triad of the Just to protect the realms from tyrants like Shao Kahn.
    • Quan Chi's ending is yet another one of a villain bringing about his doom. After gaining Blaze's power, he attacks the Heavens only to find Argus and the Elder Gods ready for him. As punishment for his crimes,, he is transformed into a copy of the medallion he carries and is sent back in time to the exact point Shinnok found it.


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