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The Books:

  • London's Engineering Guild gets two.
    • In A Darkling Plain they successfully recreate magnetic levitation technology while living in the ruins of London. It turns out to be a major factor the much brighter future we see in the Distant Finale
    • In Fever Crumb: When half of London is rioting outside their compound demanding Fever's head the first thing they do is calmly and effortlessly hold off an entire city with an electric fence. Then when Fever offers to sacrifice herself for the good of the guild they immediately refuse. By the end of it they launch Fever to safety on a hot air balloon they were working on, possibly the first working flying machine since the apocalypse, while their home is burning underneath them. Then they calmly walk down the fire escape, disguise themselves and walk away.
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  • Nimrod Pennyroyal gets one near the end of the fourth book. He killed the Stalker Fang. Yes, him. He can't believe it himself.
  • Most of what General Naga does is pretty awesome, but the absolute standout is flying a burning airship into the mouth of Harrowbarrow in a magnificent Taking You with Me.
  • Towards the end of the first book, the Historians raiding the display cases of the Weapons & Warfare gallery and taking on the Engineers that come for Katherine and Bevis.
    Chudleigh Pomeroy: Well, eh? Gosh! We showed them! As soon as I told the others what was going on we agreed it wouldn't do. Well, most of us did. The rest are locked in the canteen, along with any apprentices we thought might support Crome's men. You should have seen us, Kate! "We won't let them take Miss Valentine!" we all said, and we didn't. It goes to show, you know. An Engineer is no match for a Historian with his dander up!"
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  • Shrike. All of Shrike. He's a dead man, brought back to life TWICE!, survives stabs and shots and explosions and FRIKIN' CITIES RUNNING OVER HIM, has lived for over two thousand years, and is still alive at the end of the series. Pretty bloody awesome.
  • London's entrance to the Battle at Three Dry Ships, during Scrivener's Moon. The London Land-ships have been hammered, the ground-troops are getting routed, and the Suomi, Arkhangelsk, what's left of Raven's forces, and Scrivener knows how many Nomad forces are roaring towards the survivors. Then London arrives, and brutally curb-stomps the entire Nomad Land-Armada, wrecking dozens of Traction Fortresses, Landships, and similar in moments.


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