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World Master

  • When trapped on snowy mountains, faced with a force they'll have trouble against, and Chase pointing out that even if they run it'd be no good, what do they do? Simple, Beyal has Glowblade cause an avalanche on their forces.
  • Chase and Dax's little "I'm betraying my friends but not really" plan, scamming Charlemagne out of at least three Monsuno energies.
  • In episode 13 "Shadows", the Monsunos get corrupted by Dr. Klipse's latest scheme. They then all turn against their masters, including Dr. Klipse himself. Most of them either flee or are beat really bad... except for Dr. Klipse's Battle Butler, Hargrave, who stands there calmly while fighting against his rogue Monsuno Shadowhornet with very little effort and without even flinching.
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  • Jon Ace's escape from S.T.O.R.M. after quitting.
  • Dom Pyro gets one in "Trophies" by effortlessly dodging attacks from 4 of the heroes' Monsunos until the 8 minute time limit was up.
  • In episode 20 "Life", Chase and the gang chase after S.T.O.R.M., aiming to get Chase's father back, and it culminates in a Monsuno battle. In most encounters, Charlemagne's Driftblade was too strong to overcome... but not this time. This time, at the end of the heated battle, Lock skewers him with a wild energy crystal.
  • In episode 22 "Remembrance", Lock rescues Jeredy by using a broken cable as a Building Swing! Having used a regular rope to rescue Chase in the same way minutes earlier, Dax was impressed.
  • Beyal has two in episode 23 "Assault" — first when he dives S.T.O.R.M.'s CloudCarrier into the ocean as a distraction, and then his Big Damn Heroes moment when Jinja and Dax are about to be killed. They're also backed up by Pre Asskicking One Liners, which is rather big coming from The Stoic of Team Core-Tech.
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  • The final battle in season 1, particularly Lock 2.0 coming out on top by ramming into Driftblade 2.0 and Backslash 2.0 from space.

Combat Chaos

  • Three in episode 28 "Bang" — Chase jumping on to a LAUNCHING ROCKET to stop Forge's time bomb, Neo Quickforce's debut, and Lock having JUST enough energy to protect Chase and himself from being killed in the explosion (more impressive considering Quickforce made a Heroic Sacrifice to save the team in the previous episode).
  • In episode 30 "Antitheiss", Team Core-Tech has trouble fighting the S.T.O.R.M. Strike Squad because they've heavily studied their past Monsuno battles... however, Team Core-Tech can take care of themselves without their Monsuno:
    • Bren tricked his counterpart X-Ray into finding him, which resulted in X-Ray falling down a pit trap Bren set up.
    • Jinja asked if Tango knew she could fight without Monsunos, and when Tango answered no, Jinja closed the distance between the two and put her down.
    • Dax outwitted Bravo with a card game.
    • Beyal put Kilo to sleep with flower pollen in quite the badass pacifistic way, too.
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    • Chase physically overpowered Alpha, similar to Jinja, though his was mostly offscreen.
  • Beyal's comeback against the clones of Team Core Tech's Monsunos in "Mirrors" after Jinja falls down a fissure. For once, he is angry.
  • In episode 40 "Extras", Klipse launches a mutated Monsuno virus across the city, the same as the one that affected Jon Ace. Even as Team Core-Tech is retreating from it, Chase trips, and Lock unflinchingly leaps in to protect him. Which happens to include harmlessly absorbing and destroying the virus!
    • And in addition, this gave Jeredy enough information to reverse Jon Ace's condition!
  • "Train". Team Core-Tech has to protect the aforementioned train from Strike Squad, where Jeredy is making some important modifications while in motion. However, just as STORM converges on him, the train dives into the ocean off a dead-end... then transform into a submarine! Then Jeredy practically mocks Charlemagne to her face, saying he did this just to get her angry (and it worked), plus it'll near impossible to track him underwater, so it's goodbye for now. Jeredy's clearly been planning to change his Distressed Dude image!
  • Episode 45, "Pulse". In the process of infiltrating a 'lightly defended' S.T.O.R.M base, Team Core-Tech find themselves surrounded by literally hundreds of vehicles/aircraft/soldiers, plus Charlemagne herself. However, Jeredy has a secret weapon for them: an electromagnetic pulse that cripples ALL of them on the spot, Monsuno and technology alike.
  • Episode 48, "Thunderhead". Bren and Beyal vs. a dozen soldiers with guns - no contest with Monsunos around.
  • Episode 51, "Massive". After a season's worth of pulling strings, The Hand of Destiny are gloriously blindsided by Team Core-Tech. Complete with Jon Ace transforming into his mutated Monsuno form again.
  • Episode 52, "Victory". Team Core-Tech manages to save the world from being destroyed (without getting rid of Monsunos entirely), Lock eliminates the Hand of Destiny by himself, Chase and Jeredy get Sophia back, and Jon Ace becomes the new head of S.T.O.R.M. What more needs to be said?

Season 3

  • Episode 55, "POV". Sure it sounds simple, but how many times do you see hot lava put out with an avalanche of snow?
  • Episode 56, "Temple". Continuing the trend, Beyal manages to get himself and Sophia out of ''two'' captivity situations. Sophia even manages an assist on the second battle.
    Bookman: Any last words, boy?
    Beyal: Yes, two. Glowblade, launch!
    • After Charlemagne was thrown in prison, what became of her signature monsuno? Jeredy has him now, and gets to use him in battle at that.
  • Episode 63, "Space". Much like the Building Swing example, Lock uses pieces of the space station's own hull to seal the hole, then freezes it over - catching Jeredy on the way down.
    Beya]: The cavalry has arrived!