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  • When Bobbi got to be Captain America for a day. For context, all the other Avengers are hit by a device that removes their powers and leaves them in great pain. Bobbi, being a Badass Normal, is unaffected, and goes on to fight the villain by herself, making them, in her own words, 'run like a bitch'. She's taken out by the Wrecking Crew, but only because they're Thor level villains, and she puts up a decent fight.
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  • When Bobbi is found by Clint after going off the radar in The Reunion, she explains that she's trying to stop AIM from releasing a biological hazard. Clint tries to tell the Avengers Bobbi argues there's no time, long story short, Let's You and Him Fight. After Clint turns his nunchuku into a bo staff to fight her, she proceeds to kick his ass, declaring that, while he may be a ninja now, this is still her weapon.
  • In the end of Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Bobbi comes across Nick Fury cleaning up left over Skrull corpses in the Savage Land. Bobbi instantly realizes he's a Skrull, as she's spent so much time as their prisoner she can tell whenever someone is really a Skrull. She kills Skrull!Fury before he can attack her, declaring that she'll always kill Skrulls.
  • Bobbi's Badass Boast mentioned in the main article. After being offered a We Can Rule Together option by AIM's scientist supreme, she replies by headbutting them, breaking their nose, then beating them and their mooks.
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  • Bobbi's entrance in Secret Avengers #2. Just as it looks like the team is screwed (Taskmaster, the person they were trying to get has just been taken away by the person who seems to be the Thorndrake), they suddenly knock Taskmaster out and tell Fury the package is secure before dropping camotech and revealing themself to be Bobbi. Now we know where she's been since the beginning of Marvel Now.
  • Bobbi's entire life could qualify as one. She went from a biologist to a SHIELD agent, to a costumed hero, to an Avenger (who was a founding member of the West Coast Avengers), survived on a planet full of Skrulls after seeing through their deception, managed to adjust to being back in her old life, put the ghost of her rapist away once and for all, then ended up becoming a super soldier. On top of all that, she evaded the Skrulls for so long and killed so many that she was considered a horror story by them. And she did all of that while being a completely unaltered Badass Normal. Who knows what she's capable of now?
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  • In Hawkeye #9, Bobbi beats up two bros who are watching Clint's apartment building by kicking one of them in the face while being shot at.
  • An issue of New Avengers has Barney Barton trying to kill her. What does she do? Deflects the arrows with her bo staff and kicks him in the face. Guess someone forgot to tell him that she's a super soldier now.
  • Secret Avengers #6, she ends up fighting Taskmaster. Now Tasky's thing is that he can copy anyone's moves and figure out how they fight. So, a melee-specialist like Bobbi should be easy for him to take. Instead, she holds her own until his memory can be jump-started to remind him he's a double agent. Considering only a few people can take this guy in a fight (Deadpool and Finese being the only individuals shown able to hold their own in a fair fight against him, and in his first appearance he took down both Cap and Iron Man), that's pretty badass.
  • In Secret Avengers #16 there is one thing that the personalities of Bobbi and Barbara both agree on; Forson has to go. She then proceeds to drop the gun and beat Forson bloody, while asking him how he thought that he could try and kill her, and live. Forson manages to get the upper hand long enough to stab her, but she responds by cutting his throat and throwing him off her. She lies there for a moment and then, bleeding from a stab wound to the stomach, gets up and manages to get away from AIM Island and heal before she meets with Daisy and Bucky.
    • Even before that, Mentallo reveals another one when he suspects that whoever shot Taskmaster meant for him to survive.
  • The announcement that she will be joining the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the highest voted announcement on CBR's SDCC announcement poll of the second day, even beating big-news topics like Sam Raimi's Evil Dead TV series announcement, The Walking Dead season 5 trailer reveal, and Guardians of the Galaxy sequel announcements. Not bad for a character people wrote off as 'obscure' when it was announced.

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