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Awesome / Mistborn: The Original Trilogy

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For all the awesomeness Kelsier, Vin, and co. pull off, you need only check here.

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    Mistborn: The Final Empire 
  • Kelsier taking on a Steel Inquisitor, which have been built up as extremely deadly threats, in a seemingly hopeless fight to buy time for the escaping prisoners in one of the most intricate and detailed fight scenes in the book. He wins.
  • The Lord Ruler bitch-slapping Kelsier so hard his face is left almost unrecognizable.
  • Vin rushing from the ball to stop Elend's assassination in the first book, taking on two Mistborn and a few other Allomancers at once.
    • Doubly awesome when she goes one-on-one with one of the Mistborn Shan Elariel, tricks her into thinking she's run out of atium, then turns it back on at the last second, grabs an arrow and shoves it into her chest.
    • All while in nothing but her underwear. She had to rip the ball gown off in order to run.
  • Vin managing to use Allomancy on the Lord Rulers' armbands, despite them piercing his arm, something until then everyone considered to be impossible.

    Mistborn: The Well of Ascension 
  • In The Well of Ascension, at one point, Vin, a hundred pound 18 or 20 year old girl comes screaming down out of the sky wielding a sword longer than she is and cuts Straff Venture and his horse in half, back-to-front.
  • Elend, upon realizing the true depths of his father's depravity, his short-sighted pettiness, and how there is no way to negotiate with him, verbally tears into Straff, and keeps going even as Straff summons his soldiers to kill him.
    Elend: "You are a pig, Father. A sick, disgusting man. You thought you were a brilliant leader, but you were barely competent. You nearly got our house destroyed—only the Lord Ruler's own death saved you! You may take Luthadel, but you'll lose it! I may have been a bad king, but you'll be a terrible one. The Lord Ruler was a tyrant, but he was also a genius. You're neither. You're just a selfish man who'll use up his resources, then end up dead from a knife in the back."
    • What follows next is even better: Elend laughs in Straff's face for thinking he could possibly overpower and control Vin, and how she could slaughter him with ease. Then Vin—who had been waiting outside of the tent during the discussion—uses a huge burst of duralumin-boosted soothing to completely engulf and crush Straff's emotions, leaving him near-catatonic until she stops.
  • Sazed, with an enormous amount of his stored strength, decides upon Hulking Out and immediately punches a Koloss in the face so hard that it caves in. The surrounding soldiers are so dumbfounded by this that they can't respond until he orders them to fight.
  • Elend's chapter in The Well of Ascension where he goes, alone, to a koloss camp, calls out Jastes, walks out and then single-highhandedly attacks and kills a koloss in order to find out how Jastes controls them. All without Allomancy. Also note that the koloss had Super Strength and a BFS, while Elend just had a dagger.
    The koloss he'd attacked did not rise. Its companions stood, looking unconcerned, though their eyes were focused on him. They seemed to want something.
    "He ate my horse," Elend said, saying the first thing that came to his clouded mind.
  • Vin figures out how to kill somebody burning atium without having any herself, which was thought to be more or less impossible.
  • Vin once again proves that Achievements in Ignorance can be played for awesome. Realizing that a Pewter Drag (constantly flaring pewter to run at superhuman speeds) won't get her back to Luthadel in time, she invents a completely new method of Mistborn travel using horseshoes, dropping and Pushing against them to kinda-sorta fly, then Pulling ones she's already dropped to create her own, personal Allomantic railroad.
  • Vin at one point gets out of a tricky situation by using duralumin to headbutt a guy so hard that his head explodes, splattering her white dress and her nearby boyfriend with blood and brains. Before passing out afterwards her main concern is that her boyfriend will get freaked the hell out.
  • Another feat that Vin pulls with duralumin: in a moment of pure desperation and rage, having run out of most of her fighting metals, she rescues a group of civilians from rampaging koloss by pulling an overcharged Soothing on the monsters and breaking into their minds to control them as the Lord Ruler had done. She then turns them on Straff's army, which was preparing to take Luthadel for themselves.
    Mistborn: The Hero of Ages 
  • Vin manages to take out four Inquisitors with only her Mistborn powers before getting overwhelmed.
  • Marsh finally throwing off Ruin's influence enough to take the earring out of Vin's ear.
    • This is then topped by the ensuing beatdown, including the total flattening of Kedrik Shaw. This is after firing off a Steelpush so powerful that it launches her over the stormclouds to give her an unimpeded view of the night sky. To elaborate, Vin fights twelve Inquisitors and kills them all.
  • Elend and the atium-burning army out-gambitting Ruin by using the army of koloss as an excuse to use up the entire atium reserve to keep it away from Ruin.
  • The culmination of Preservation's entire plan. Preservation, by his nature, could never attack Ruin. But a human can, and Vin does when Elend is killed.
    Vin: You created the thing that can kill you, Ruin. And you just made one huge final mistake. You shouldn't have killed Elend. You see, he was the only reason I had left to live.
    • Also a moment of awesome for Elend as well. According to Word of Brandon, burning Atium with Duraluminum allows you to see the full consequences of your actions. By doing this just before his fight with Marsh (who Ruin had reclaimed control over), he realised that by allowing himself to die, he would cause Vin to sacrifice herself to kill Ruin - allowing Sazed to take up both Shards and fix everything. He gave his life to save the world.
  • Telden is a minor character who was once one of Elend's noble friends, now living under Yomen's reign. When Yomen traps Vin in the underground cavern, he volunteers to go down to try to convince Vin to drink drugged wine so Yomen can transport her to a jail cell. If she won't, he can't come out, so best case scenario they both starve to death. Just to clarify, Telden is not a Mistborn or even a Misting, is unarmed, and presumably not even that good at fighting. He knew who she was, how powerful a Mistborn she was, and what bits of pointy metal can do to your body. He went down there, alone except for a handful of similarly un-superpowered servants, counting on Vin being reasonable enough to drink the drugged wine and allow herself to be captured by Yomen since the alternative is starving to death, when he's no doubt heard horror stories about her and knows he's utterly helpless against her. The best part is how completely nonchalant he is about it. When Vin says that she can force him to get Yomen to let her out, he points out that Yomen will be able to tell if he's speaking under duress and won't open the door, and then they'll both starve. He goes on to say that he has no doubt she could break him easily, but he won't break his word to Yomen just because of threats, so she'll have to break a few fingers or something, and Yomen will hear his screams. And he says this completely calmly.
    • Vin considers killing Teldens servants one by one to make Telden let her out. She decides against it, but figures that if she thought it had a reasonable chance of success she would have done it.
  • Spook saving Urteau and proving himself as the Survivor of the Flames.
    "You want to be like Kelsier? Really like Kelsier? Then fight when you are beaten! Survive!"
    • And before that, when he manages to save the group of people from a locked, burning building and make a rather flashy exit when forced to leap through a window. He even stops on the rooftop to give a pointed look to the Citizen before making his escape despite the ensuing chaos, cloak still aflame.
      • And this while his senses were so sharp he couldn't be in light without a blind fold.
    • Hell, Spook is pretty much a walking CMOA all through Hero of Ages. He basically becomes a High Fantasy Daredevil, waging a vigilante war on The Citizen, then takes control of inciting a rebellion, and finally overcomes and removes Ruin's influence on both him and The Citizen, and manages to repair most of the damage his own revolt caused, immediately before the world pretty much literally ends.
    • Spook's Character Development in general. Comparing these moments to what we knew of the shy, barely-intelligible kid we met in the first book just makes it all the more satisfying.
  • TenSoon knows exactly how to get maximum awesome from wolfhound bones.
    "You know, KanParr, I learned a few important things while wearing these bones a year ago. Humans, if you think about it, just aren't built for speed. Dogs, however, are."
  • Vin and Elend dancing:
    They both spun with the grace of Allomancy, stepping on the wind, moving as if made of mist. The room grew hushed, the nobility like a theater audience watching some grand performance, not two people who hadn't danced in years. And yet, Vin knew it was wonderful, something that had rarely been seen. Most noble Mistborn couldn't afford to appear too graceful, lest they give away their secret powers. Vin and Elend had no such inhibitions. They danced as if to make up for the four years lost, as if to throw their joy in the face of an apolcalyptic world and a hostile city.
  • When Elend gets desperate and runs out of ideas, he goes and takes control of almost thirty-thousand koloss in preparation to destroy the city that holds his wife captive. Complications ensue and it ends up more or less backfiring on him toward the end, but still.
  • The scene where Sazed goes mega-pewter-hulk and kills a few dozen koloss while wearing a loincloth.
  • The Reveal that Sazed is the Hero of Ages, and that he literally holds the fate of the world on his arms. Those religions that no one thought were relevant and Sazed himself ended up dismissing throughout the last book? They're the ones that save the world through their collected knowledge of its original position, geography, flora and fauna, etc.