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Awesome / Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

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Not in frame due to sheer size: Ethan Hunt's steel cojones.
  • Ethan climbs the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (courtesy of sticky techno gloves)... only for the devices to crap out on him when he makes it to the server room. How does he get back down? He pulls a John McClane by wrapping a cable around his waist and jumping out the window, proceeding to RUN STRAIGHT DOWN THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING, accompanied by Michael Giacchino's awesome rendition of the M:I theme. It's a helluva Theme Music Power-Up.
    • To make this even more jaw-droppingly awesome, Tom Cruise actually scaled, ran, and flew over the surface of the Burj Khalifa without a stunt double. Let's say that one more time: the Burj Khalifa, which is only the tallest building in the world.
  • Jane's entire fight with Sabine, starting with kicking off her heels to run after her, all the up to kicking her out of the Burj.
  • Ethan finally confronting Brandt after witnessing his combat skills is brief but nothing short of awesome.
  • Benji proving that he's more than just the computer guy or the plucky comic relief when he kills The Dragon who is trying to kill Brandt — with a look that is All Business.
  • Perhaps the best evidence of Hunt's unbelievable ball size would be the final fight sequence, which peaks with the bad guy jumping six stories to his death simply to deny Ethan the MacGuffin, and Ethan driving a car off a ledge after him, hoping the air bag will blunt the damage enough for him to remain able to crawl upon landing. It works... After crashing, he is able to drag himself over to the MacGuffin with his arms.
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  • The Cold Open leading up to the traditional Mission Impossible theme and intro credits is a favorite for many not necessarily for the particular variation of the track, but for the actual execution and the nod the film gives to the established tradition by actually having Ethan deliver this simple line:
    Ethan: Light the fuse *cue theme song*


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