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Awesome / Misfiled Dreams

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What are you doing here? There are spoilers here! Go back and read the stories first.

Chapter 1 Rumisiel's Lament

  • Even though it's All Just a Dream and they barely show up afterward, Rumisiel and Vashiel get one. How? By storming the Celestial Depository in hopes of repairing the horrendous damage done by fixing the Misfile, during which Vashiel faces down Gabriel himself!
Chapter 4 Concrete Dreamscape
  • Jenny brags about how fast her boyfriend's car is. In the resulting race, Ash let's Joshua think he's going to win, before showing him that a good top speed isn't nearly enough.
    Even Emily grinned. "If we're going to be bitches, let's be the best bitches we can. Bury this loser!"
  • Every time Joshua Alamacy shows up, he's out to do something horrible. Unfortunately (for him), it tends to end with him getting beat down in a very satisfying manner. Usually courtesy of Ash.
  • Ash saves Jenny from a pair of models, twice, after the other models hear Jenny might be a lesbian. Once was in the bathroom of Marco's right after Ash beat Joshua and took his car, and the second time in a bathroom at the office during the party.

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