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The TV Series

The Film

  • Snow manages to beat Prince Alcott in a duel by fighting dirty, despite his superior skill, just like the dwarves taught her.
    [Snow has been disarmed, with Alcott holding both swords]
    Alcott: Yield.
    Wolf: Should we help her?
    [Snow hurls snow into Alcott's face, tackles him and steals both swords]
    Butcher: Eh. She's doing pretty good on her own.
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  • The wedding raid. Snow and the dwarves pull of some of the best action and comedy in the movie, all leading up to kidnapping the prince and leaving all the guests trapped in the tent for the queen to discover naked.
  • Snow locking the dwarves in their house when she decides she has to go in alone.
    Snow: I read so many stories where the prince saves the princess in the end.
    Prince: Open the door. Open the door, Snow!
    Snow: I think it's time we changed that ending.
  • The defeat of the Beast. The dwarves and Prince Alcott manage to get a dagger to Snow- who uses it to slice off the necklace hanging around the Beast's neck. With a blast of light, the Beast turns back into the King, Snow's father, and the Queen begins rapidly ageing inside the mirror's realm.
  • The ending, when the Queen appears as an old hag to Snow on her wedding day and offers her a poisoned apple. Snow pulls out her dagger, cuts a slice, and offers it to her.
    Snow: Age before beauty.

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