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  • Gina and Jake Smith deserve this like you wouldn't believe. When the project first started in earnest, it was only a handful of songs, written and recorded by just the two of them, posted on a Tumblr blog. After only a year, not only did they write and perform over thirty of the musical's songs, they also wrote the entire script for the three-hour musical, and livestreamed a read-through that got peoplenote  from all over the nation to act the parts. They were even set to actually perform on stage before the project was cancelled. These guys, as well as everyone else who worked on the musical, put an awe-inspiring amount of effort and creativity into what started as a few songs made up to pass the time between loading screens. It honestly shows just how much dedicated fans with the determination to share their passion can do.
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  • The rebuttal from the main characters toward Ameno-Sagiri in "Black and White", and Izanami's follow-up.
    "You're wrong!"
    Izanami: "Prove to me."

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