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Awesome / Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

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  • Donald and Goofy sneak up behind Pete and ambush him. Then Donald delivers a line so badass, one would only ever expect to hear him talk like that in the Kingdom Hearts games.
    Mickey: Wanna bet?
    Pete: That's a sucker bet.
    Donald: (hits Pete over the head) Yeah! You're the sucker!
    • They even beat the crap out of Pete! With EACH giving a Badass Boast.
    Donald: How's THIS for a coward? (pokes Pete in the eyes)
    Goofy: How's THIS for a doofus? (headbutts Pete in the gut)
    Mickey: And I may be small, but I got friends that make me 10 feet tall! (stands on the shoulder of Donald and Goofy, dwarfing Pete.)
  • Awesome Music: Pete gets a Villain Song, to the tune of "Hall of the Mountain King."
    "I was born to cheat and lie/I'm a mean ROTTEN guy/When you ask me why I'm nasty here's my reason whyyyyyyyy...."
  • No mention of Goofy repeating his Amusing Injuries from earlier to defeat the Beagle Boys? If that didn't cement Goofy as a Genius Ditz, we don't know what would.


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