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  • Hatchin gets one in the first episode. After being treated like shit from her foster family for who knows how many years, the final straw is when her foster sister tries burn her face with an iron. Hatchin gets kicked out of the house for fighting back, only to burst through the door and give her the beatdown she deserves.
  • All of the chase scenes can count as CMOAs for Michiko, who evades Atsuko and the police- say nothing of gangsters and hitmen- with relative ease, and pulls off enough stunts and feats of vehicular ''parkour'' with her scooter to make X-Games riders green with jealousy.
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  • Hatchin in episode 11, where she seems to have picked up some of Rita's skills and used them to save Michiko from the two child traffickers.
  • Episode 17. Michiko has some damn strong teeth.
  • Episode 19 and 20, Hana negotiates with Satoshi BATISTA.
  • Despite some of the things that happen in the final episode and overall throughout the series, Hana grows up to be a caring parent and a nice, friendly individual who demonstrates cooking, topography and even vehicular skills. To the point that when her bike breaks down and she hitchhikes a ride with a trucker, she kindly convinces him to let her borrow the truck so she can meet Michiko.
    • The duo's Character Development really come full throttle in this episode: Hatchin goes straight Badass Adorable trying and succeeding saving Michiko from the police as well as being an amazing single mother in the Time Skip (as mentioned above); for the entire series, Michiko has been determined to get back with Hiroshi and when she finally meets him, what does she do? She doesn't try to make a break for it with him and Hatchin. She accepts her fate of going back to jail, with only one request: That Hiroshi takes care of Hatchin. She has really grown up.


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