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  • Mc Kenna saving the Electroclan. Mc Kenna, the silent, polite girl who can make things glow? She's just the girl who kicked all of your asses that's all.
    • Not to mention she saves Michael from the rats as well.
  • Anytime Jack races into battle you know he's going to get one of these.
  • Michael's battle with Zeus in the first book. All of it.
  • The Big Damn Heroes moment at the climax of book 3. Before the battle, Michael lets Zeus, Ian, Tessa, and Abigail go home while Jack, Taylor, McKenna, and Ostin stayed. Hatch manages to trap them on the Ampere to kill them, but the others come back to save the day.
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  • Nichelle's Batman Gambit in Book 4. She knew that Ostin's plan had potential to fail. When she realized that Tara impersonated Taylor, she went back to Hatch pretending that she defected. Once Hatch had his guard down, she broke Michael and the others out of their cells.
  • Despite the emotional turmoil it caused the Electroclan, you have to give the resistance credit for being Crazy-Prepared and Properly Paranoid enough to completely abandon Timepiece Ranch at the slightest indication that the Elgen had found their location, then set up automated defenses to convince Hatch that he'd won when he had his helicopters bomb it.
  • Michael’s Heroic Sacrifice during the climax of Book 6. With their forces being mowed down by Elgen soldiers and with few places to run, Michael decides enough is enough and starts climbing the giant lightning tower in the center of the island. He then shouts at the sky, daring the gods to strike him. And they do. The narration then clearly states that, for a brief fraction of a second, Michael. Held. Lightning. When he releases it, it’s with a force equal to the atomic bomb. The entire Elgen fleet is either capsized, set on fire, or both. Any soldiers still on the island are completely vaporized. Those at sea are left blinded by the explosion. The sand of the beaches is turned to glass. Once the chaos settles, surviving Tuvaluan natives start bowing their heads to the ground and chanting in their native tongue, worshipping Michael like a god. Even Hatch can barely comprehend what just happened, and is reduced to manic ranting by the time his guards haul him to safety. And as Book 7 proves, the act itself didn’t even kill Michael! It made him become a being of pure energy! Hatch was right, Michael is, without question, the most powerful of the Glows.
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  • Michael's He's Back moment at the climax of Book 7. Just when Hatch is about to execute the entire Electroclan along with both of his parents, Michael returns from having lost physical form at the end of the previous book, completely destroying the Elgen navy in a matter of minutes and burning Zara to a crisp in one shot. He then proceeds to confront Hatch one-on-one and vaporize the Elgen CEO with a thought.

  • Shannon Vey throwing a brick at Hatch for all the pain he’s put her through. The lead up is also good as it makes readers think she’ll throw it at her faking-the-dead husband, Carl.

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