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  • In the manga, the Chozo Scholar, Gray Voice, pretends to betray his people when the Space Pirates invade Zebes. He then reveals that he was just looking for a chance to take out Mother Brain, and, dusting off an old Chozo suit of Powered Armor and a beam stave that eclipses anything from Stargate, starts blasting away at Mother with energy pulses that are too ancient for her more modern shields to compensate for. This is also in spite of the fact that the Chozo have all psionically vowed to renounce all violence under a Geis of crippling pain.
    • Mother gets desperate and calls in her chief-lieutenant, Gray then fights Ridley to a stand-still, in close-quarters combat and it is only when Mother uses some sort of mental attack accompanied with a Breaking Speech, that Gray is incapacitated long enough for Ridley to impale Aran's foster-father on his barbed tail. Gray proceeds to walk off this mortal wound, destroy one of the pursuit craft harassing Samus's escape and plant the Varia Suit for his daughter at a Chozo shrine just before Ridley consumes him with a jet of plasma breath.
    Ridley: So you came all this way. You're a tenacious bastard... Crawl to your tombstone, old man! You may refuse to die... But your friends will!
    • One for Miss Aran also, who is standing on top of the unarmed ship and manually sniping Pirate vessels out of the sky while she rides through the atmosphere; likening it to defending against a thousand spears with a single sword. Sam succeeds.
  • When Samus finally got out of being The Chick and Took a Level in Badass, she has three CMOAs in Volume 2:
    "If you're capable of it, then let's count together!"

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