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Awesome / Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G

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  • Zero's introduction. It's revealed that he has a 96-count winning streak. Over the course of the episode, he increases it to 107.
    • Zero vs Shinobu. Even though Zero lost, Shinobu knows he would have lost if he didn't dodge in time.
  • Zero and Shinobu going through all that intense training.
  • Kite revealing the power of Synchrom.
  • Zero declaring that he will create a new era of beyblade while fighting Ren.
    • Zero/Shinobu vs Kite/Eight, Synchrom style.
  • Takonosuke's arrival, curb stomping Ren. Then Shinobu decides to battle him and unlocks his special move.
  • While the gang was enjoying their time on the beach. Tsubasa, with his 6-pack, falls into the ocean. The next time we see him, he's holding a giant fish in his hands. Somehow, he managed to catch that fish while underwater, and swim back up to the creek.
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  • "Sakyo Kuroyami, master of the Left-Rotation Bey: The Dark Knight Dragon, RONIN DRAGOON". He beats Takonosuke and every member of the Five-Man Band (except Maru). In reverse order: (Takonosuke, Ren, Eight, Shinobu, and Zero), in that order. Though you have to give credit to Takonosuke and Zero. The former managed to actually push back against his beyblade, and the latter overcame his breaththrough attack.
  • After Yoshio hurts his brother, Kite challenges Yoshio to a battle, during which he appears to be losing it again. It then turns out that he's analyzing Yoshio's power, pushing it to its limits and almost throws his bey out of the stadium. It's sad Kite lost, but its the effort that counts.

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