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Awesome / Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

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  • The game's signature gimmick is the ability to hijack enemies and possess them. Throughout the game, this power gets excercised on increasingly powerful enemies. The Titan, once a powerful boss-style monster gets rendered your personal bitch in several sequences. Those flying Troopers make for excellent hijack buddies if you can manage it. There's even a sequence when you can take a Predator for a spin. So the game builds in this way up to final boss.

    And then you get to the (second) boss encounter with General Corrosive. Obviously, the final boss will be completely immune to this ability, right? I mean, they wouldn't give you control over the final boss, a 200 foot tall colossus so big that his mere foot is taller than you are. Right?

    And then you find chips around the room, plug them in, grab a joystick and... those Magnificent Bastards actually did it! Not only do they give you control over Corrosive, they immediately start spawning swarms of pretty much every enemy in the game. All so that you can slaughter the shit out of them. From the lowly Mil grunt (so small that you can barely even see them) to a pair of Predators, you get to completely own everything in the game.

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