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Season 3

  • Overload:
    Masa: Let. My friends. GO!
    Sheridan: STOP! Voice command! Increase neural control of-
    [Masa throws away Sheridan's headset]
    Masa: You can't control me anymore!
    Sheridan: Let go! Your implant's going to explode! You're going to kill me!
    Masa: So? I thought you wanted to be just. Like. Lucks.
    • The fact that he manages to do this while his mind is still warped makes it even more impressive.
  • Tari, thanks to Belle gets her Meta Runner vision back, and avoids an attack from Evelyn. She ends up throwing back the same words Evelyn said back in "Testing Room"
    Evelyn: Got your Meta Runner vison back did you?!
  • The End:
    • Satsuki-chan saving Tari from the brainwashed Lucinia and giving us the anime fight scene we were expecting in Season 2.
    • After Evelyn is brought back into the real world and rants on Tari again, Lucinia gives her an epic slap and chews her out for being a petulant brat who would finally get consequences for her actions. Sure enough, Evelyn is arrested and hauled off in a police van for her assisting Sheridan.
    • When Dr. Sheridan rants on how no one will be destroying his work again, Marco retorts by placing several of Sheridan's own meta bugs on his face and throwing him into his server, electrocuting him to death.
    • Honorable mentions to the Lucks A.I. for hinting Tari on how she can save Lucinia without killing herself, as well as the fact that Theo can still be saved.