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  • Overall, the sheer amount of Character Development Naruto goes through as a result of becoming a father, gaining the maturity of an adult in a very short time. It makes him a superb father, despite his inexperience. When he finally returns to Konoha again, his friends are startled to find out he's actually saved up and bought his own house in Bassai.
  • Naruto's sudden battle with Zetsu, the first time he defeats an Akatsuki member with nothing but his own power and a stick he grabbed off the forest floor.
    • He gets so attached to said stick that he proceeds to turn it into an Impossibly Cool Weapon with which he can achieve incredible feats.
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  • His epic battle with Pain and Konan at the border of Fire Country. Showing up barefoot and armed only with a simple stick, he conclusively defeats his opponents at the end of an immense struggle by using wind power to magnify and redirect the explosive power of Pain's missile attack back at them, killing Konan and almost destroying Pain. It devastates a massive area of the countryside and passes into legend as the "Battle at the Border".
  • Naruto bluntly calling out Danzo on maintaining ROOT in secret even after it was abolished because he's sick of his sneaky manipulations behind the scenes while the various Hokage let him get away with it for political reasons, forcing the old man to flee Konoha before he can be arrested. Then Naruto calls out Tsunade and Kakashi for turning a blind eye to it as long as they did.
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  • After years of training as a Sage, Naruto becomes so in tune with nature that he can be aware of everything that goes on around him over a radius of several miles just by reading the wind. Despite this, when one of his new students tries to get his attention by throwing a kunai at him, Naruto doesn't even try to dodge it because he can't be bothered. After all, as he put it, "You can't hurt me".
  • At the start of his final battle with Sasuke, Naruto finally gets fed up with his shit and tells him to Quit Your Whining in the most epic fashion.
    Sasuke: I'm going to finish what Madara started; I'm going to show Konoha exactly what they were asking for when they ordered the death of my family. You will know what pain I went through soon enough when I take it all away from you!
    Naruto: Oh woe is me; my entire family was killed off... Sasuke, will you do us all a favor and GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF? This is a ninja world, you idiot, everyone has a tragic past! Everyone! Everyone loses their family, or freedom, or life or whatever else they're trying to hold onto. Fuck! You are the most selfish bastard I have ever met! It's all about you, isn't it? I swear—if I have to hear you bitch about your "tragic past" one more time—!
    Naruto: No, Sasuke, fuck you! I've been hearing the same thing from you for the last ten years! Yes, what happened to you was not fair, but Konoha did what it had to in order to protect itself. Just like Itachi did what he had to in order to protect you—!
    Sasuke: Shut! Up!
    Naruto: Just like I'm doing what I have to in order to protect Konoha! To protect Hitomi. Why do you think we keep beating you?
    Sasuke: Naruto-!
    Naruto: We have something to protect. You are selfish, Sasuke. You will never beat us because you're using hate as a motivation. Your brother was a genius, but he was an idiot too. There were a hundred different—kinder, better—ways to get you strong enough to protect yourself than shoving mistaken ideals on you for motivation.
    Sasuke: I-
    Naruto: He fucked up. And now you're fucked up. Woe.
    • The ensuing fight sees Naruto completely kick Sasuke's ass. When Sasuke is forced to unleash his ultimate attack, Amaterasu, Naruto uses every drop of his power to redirect it back towards him and Hawk. Juugo's massive Oh, Crap! reaction summarises the entire encounter:
    This was the man who took down all of Pein's bodies single handedly; this was a man who was considered a prodigy in the sage arts... and they just decided to waltz up to his home turf and threaten his village?

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